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Slippersno7. I was seven when we got AOL and my cat was named Slippers because (despite my complete lack of discipline or grace) I was obsessed with the idea of ballerinas.

My first NEOPETS username was bookwormgurl10 because I was 10 and loved reading. That was the account on which I won THIRD PLACE in a Caption Contest and had a faerie Shoyru, but it's long gone now :(

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I spent a month with my internet best friend and his family the summer after my freshman year of college. (It was the first time we'd ever met.) We spent two weeks of that in a house on Great Diamond Island in Maine, drinking and hanging out watching Archer and drinking. I had never really drunk before, and my best friend and his family were very proud to be Irish, so...you can imagine how much I learned.

Best friend and his brothers were also in a band and recording an EP in the house. Spent a lot of time downstairs listening to one of them sing the same line over and over and swear a lot.

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Oh, man, Wishbone. I still remember watching the Odyssey (or was it the Iliad?) episode in class in middle school.

My favorite Wishbone memory, though, has to be the Beowulf adaptation (Be A Wolf!) as required reading in ENGL 4300: Anglo-Saxon Monsters.

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As someone with mental illnesses in a fairly new relationship, I really appreciated you and Kelly sharing your experiences. I have depression and anxiety, and I'm constantly worried about how my problems will affect the both of us. As silly as it might sound, it's so reassuring to know that my mental illnesses don't have to always negatively impact my relationship. It helps that I'm planning on going back to therapy soon, and that my boyfriend also deals with anxiety and is very understanding, but the fear of letting my brain chemistry "ruin" things is still there, you know?

Also, this made me cry. But in a good way, I promise!

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The timing on this was perfect. I've just recently started getting into anime after going to A-Kon in Dallas and asking my boyfriend to "drag me to Anime Hell." Currently I'm watching the subs of Danganronpa after playing the first game, and the dubs of Ouran. I think I prefer dubs, but I don't mind subs at all, since I watch most things with subtitles anyway because it helps me process what I'm hearing better.

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This was horrific in a completely new way. I'm not terrified, I'm just...so SAD.

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This is a really lovely way to give advice, wow.

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Toasties, I am having the worst self-doubt and anxiety week-or-so, and I am having trouble shaking it. The biggest part of the problem is that I have a Very Important Test for the internship I'm doing that is hopefully (cross your fingers and pray if you're into that) leading to a job after graduation! This test is next week! I am losing my damn mind over it!

Any suggestions for calming/you-can-do-it type playlists? Or just general advice/words of wisdom?

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That's a really great step on the way to becoming the best version of yourself, so congratulations! I have been working on the same thing for a few years and I feel like I've made progress, so I am certain that you will, too. Being scared is normal, and being hopeful will help balance that out. I'm proud of you!

And, oh my god, your blog sounds AMAZING and I am going to READ ALL OF IT as soon as I have time!

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(However, I'm not gonna fight any of y'all, you're entitled to your own opinions and also it'd just be proving this article right)