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There is such things as hate crimes. There are hate crime laws in Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan , Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Canada and Brazil.

Hate crimes happen quite often in all parts of the world and they cause numerous psychological effects on groups being victimized. They can instill fear and terror among the group as well.

This vandalism event should not be considered a hate crime. I do agree with you there. But to say that a hate crime is "PC Liberal Crap" is a very uneducated statement.

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So while this man is running at them with a meat cleaver, should they stop and ask very loudly:

"SIR! Are you mentally disabled or mentally stable?!? We need to know before we defend ourselves from your potentially lethal attack on us!"

It DOES NOT MATTER if he knew right from wrong. Lives were in danger and action was taken. Bottom line

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So since he doesn't know right from wrong they should have let him beat the officer to death with a meat clever without defending themselves? That makes zero sense. Mental disability or not, if a police officer's life is in danger he is allowed to use lethal force. It is sad that this had to happen but it is the way it goes.

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You know what I say? Quit your crying already. Waaaaaaa waaaa waaaaa. There is no sense in arguing over it now and trying to make a point of what should and should not be. It's done. It's passed and it's happening. It will no be reversed no matter how much you complain. Multiple states have done this and people have gotten used to it. When I go to Ohio for work and go to the bar, I'm fine to go outside and smoke. I actually smoke a lot less and feel a lot better in the morning.

I understand both sides of the argument. There are great reasons why this should be and why it shouldn't be. But arguing and calling each other morons will not change the fact that this ban is in effect now.

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Who said anything about skin color???!?!? RE-READ my comments. I would never bring up race. The only thing I said was kids were getting off of city buses which tells me they are coming from outside the district. YOU are bringing up skin color and race, not me. Do not insinuate that I mentioned anything racial in my posts.

The race of the student with the gun was released on every TV news broadcast last night, however, that is irrelevant.

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I didn't claim I had statistics. He claimed the high school has ZERO School of Choice students. Well when the City bus rolls in 3 times dropping students off, that is an obvious sign that what he said is untrue. I am an alum of east kentwood and we had School of choice students 8 years ago. Now all of a sudden they have zero?

If they lived in district they would take the school bus. East kentwood has almost 40 buses it uses to bus its students to and from school.

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How about you do some real research before you start claiming Kentwood high school does not allow school of choice.

Here, do this. Go to the Corner of 60th and Kalamazoo any morning of the week and watch. 3-4 City busloads coming from the inner city drop kids off for school every day. Then you can tell me that the high school doesn't have any school of choice students.

Even when I graduated in 2002 there were over 30 kids from the inner city busing across town to come there.

I agree that it could be anybody especially someone who actually lives in the district. Look at the population numbers. It is one of the most Populated high schools in the state.

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It is really really really loud though. It is unusually loud. I've lived in this area for years and have had to deal with the construction last year at college and it was never this loud. I live NORTH of leonard and college and my house was shaking from midnight - 5am. That is over a mile away. Pictures were falling off of the shelves.

A friend of mine lives about a 1/2 mile away and stuff is falling off of the shelves at night, glasses are falling out of the closed cupboards. She wakes up to stuff broken all over her floor.

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Van Andel DK security is a joke and they do not formally train anyone on their low-level teams like the one at Van Andel. So it is not even possible that your husband is "well-trained thank you very much".

If he has had professional security training from an outside source he would definitely not be working for DK's Van Andel unit and would be working on their Executive protection team where the big money is.

Just looking at the fact that you stated your husband would have chased him down tells me he is an unprofessional hot head with ZERO training. Anyone trained in even basic security knows that it is illegal to chase a customer off the property of the venue you are securing even if they commited a crime or assaulted you.

Try thinking a little before responding next time.

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They already are making money. The application cost is $100. The article stated some 16,000 applications have been sent in. That is almost 2 million dollars going to the state in just application fees alone. The possibilities are endless to the state. They have a chance here to make a killing from this law.