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These Duggar women are forbidden to go to college, they can't work outside the home, and their life consists of being groomed as brood mares.

Their chief occupation so far in life is to raise the dozens of younger siblings, cook dinner, do the wash, and submit absolutely to their father in every request he makes, no matter how debasing, demeaning, or intrusive in their lives.

Their future is only one thing, to find a man to submit to utterly, and have as many kids as possible. No jobs, no education or college, no traveling, no exploration of the world, no career, no personal growth. Bible, babies, bedroom, and housework, full stop.

I lost a young female friend as a result of militant Christian doctrine enforced by her abusive husband. She finally killed herself in despair of ever being free from the chains of bondage that her abusive husband built around her.

The so called "Quivering" movement is responsible for so much suffering, abuse, sadness, and suicide. The website http://www.nolongerquivering.com has many sad and horrific stories by women who have escaped that cult

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I watched a couple of these 19 kid shows, and the repression, deceit, and cult-hazing
is all over this.

Best comment of one episode, they asked the 8 year old boy what he thought about his sister getting married. He said "I don't want to get married, it's too much work"
Smart kid that,

The worst abuse I saw was Jim-Bob telling his FIVE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER
"you can't go out like that, your dress is too short"

She had on a typical little girl outfit with a dress to her knees, but I guess that might inflame some weak male Christian and cause them to sin.

The poor little kid looks at Jim-Dolt like he's nuts, and just shrugs.

What a cult of sadistic mind controlling bastards these Quivering idiots are.
The truly worst aspect is how many deaths, suicides and sexual abuses this cult causes.

Read up at www.nolongerquivering.com

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You opined the following statement in this article:
"Sarah Palin has varieties of sexy poutface"

I think you're all drunk , stoned, or just have forgotten what the $arah creature looks like nowadays when she ventures forth from her lair to inflict the word salad Teaparty stupidity on us.

How anyone could think this anorexic Halloween harpy has anything in common with "sexy" is just beyond imagining

What 50 year old woman would leave the house looking like this and appear IN PUBLIC ON A STAGE IN A CAMPAIGN TO ENDORSE SOMEONE?

1) Superman shirt, check
2) Hideously ugly belt buckle
3)Fake boobs
4) Skin tight capris
5) Fugliest footwear ever seen yet on planet earth.

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!!! Because NUTHIN' says "small government common sense conservative Christian liberty" like forcing women to have something shoved up their hoo-ha, in a medically unnecessary procedure.

Just git'er done Cletus, and we'll show them baby killin wimmins they don't mess with the Bi-bull.