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right. or close enough. i found that 6% of population got cases...
and 2% of cases die. or 2% of 6%
70% of the deaths were over retirement age. and 79% of those were men.
Now factor inthe coverup or propaganda that left out preexisting conditions and credited COVID......
it's a pretty small batch.
man in here says 700K out of 333 million people died.
the fraction looks like this:
0.002% of general pop.
that is best i can can do.
check my math.

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dittoto both: imagine once in while the rippuglicans are right!. imean left. i mean, sensible.
this governor has lost her bearings if she ever had any. thinking politically is insanity in the 1st place: you cannot pls everyone so you must please yourself and your own set of morals.
an ignorant populace will always choose fascism.

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AS per your critique of the Dumbercraps, This is a repeat of Obama II. no problem except with Biden, Manchin and Sinema.
Too weak in Senate to move anything.
Fault? you blame Kammy who has done exactly what Biden did while VP. and Every other one. it's a sinecure.
Just how do we pass any laws at all with no senate contributing?
ya wanna help? fix this: california has 40 million people and the 6th largest economy i world, and like 58 reps and senators. The Dakotas and Wyoming e.g., each have half a million and 3 reps each. so let's see....5 into 40 is 80.
and 80 time 3 is 240 reps including the 2 senators is what CA should have. in a frigging democracy, so who should be threatening secession and waging resistance to this oppressive regime we live under>
not to mention, Manchin, i bet we could get Oregon adn Wash. state and Hawaii on our side for new nation, Pacifica and we'd pull all our troops outa everywhere and give them all free college educations as long as they want and make grades.

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milley is an extra in this movie. but taking selfies?! you might revisit the cops' tesimoney on jan 6h's attack on the capital building. i saw vandalism, trespass, disobebeying an officer. interfering with an officer, murder or negligent homicide malicious homicide, as if squishing a cop in a door jam was a selfie?! what say? assault and battery vs police on duty. use of deadly weapons such as spears, bats, batons, flag poles, crowbars, bating on prome cops and you call this takng selfies?!
one young woman got shot dead, because of incitement to break in to building. there was plentyof incitement to riot and thus to kill.
and remember if these asses were black they would've been shot by the dozens.
you shuld go get a job.

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An Asset tax fixes everything. First adjust income taxes to start @ 100,000 or so. so the poor don't have to worry with tired brains.
figger this: the net worth of USA is 400 trillion, because why? because @ 5% ROI or interest rate, with GDP @ 20 Trillion we know assets are 20 times Return On Investment.
20 X $20 tr = $400
so if we only taxed all assets (starting homes at 100 or 200,000 i guess)...at 2% we would have 8 trillion with which to run our .GOV per year. (Currently @ 4 trillion).
We could add to this lush fund by killing half the DOD per year and abolishing the CIA FBI and NSA ...as well as teh Electoral Collage, Senate, and Adding 4 more Supremes to the court. voila!

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Economic slavery. BMI + wages paid with a declining dollar. Ownership is really uneffected. because owning the assets of production + food media law maybe education...under your same unprincipled system already being effected via student loans...
no good will come of it...you leave .GOV in the pockets of the rich same as before....with a trapped worker class. so
sad that you should try that here.
the best solution is to tax the most those who made out with the old system the most.
drop the income tax completely and tax only assets.

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that's what thy yelled out. the funny part is they walked in so EZ. and walked out...and walked and walked...and i guess just missed the bus.
what up wit dat. can't the DEA plan a decnet assassination?
gotta hire the mafia. and anyway. i wonder how the DEA is doing in Afghanistan with the opium trade. buiz as usual? CIA mentors leading the way....

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e the immortal words of leonard Cohen:
everyone know the dice are loaded everyone knows...
the game is rigged....i guess that's close.
When they doit anyway. and outright lie and we know it; that is seriously misshapen for a democracy.
how did we get these A-hole awful dawg straight A order takers as leaders? the Perez Podesta Pelosi Dumbercats did it. on slightly left. and the evil Repugnantcans on the more soulful right. ha ha. now we are goig to see and pay for more wars near our borders which will acelerate the immigration problem.
good werk, Blinker. thenew Brownie. how long can we know this and yet it sustains itself?
we have won democracies isn Argentina and Chile is forming up one, and in Uruguay, Costa Rica, Venezuela, i believe in Cuba. andkinda one in Mexico. these nations are all more or less Paradises that should be very hard to leave. But like Honduras they send their children to get them way from hell on Earth that is made daily by capitalism.

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bravo! and don't semites live all around the MED. mostsly to the Easst and South of course. are Sicillians Semitic? how does one tell.
is Barbara Strisand. Bawbwa waw-waw, or may britt a semite. i wanna know which ones i can joke around with: i'm Hlaf irish by mom, and half English by dad, so i hate myself and chide and redicule half of me each day.
i knew a guy who was half catholic and half jewish. he was in Sigma chi where Jews were not allowed. i said half of you can stay. he said thanks. no problem.
before jews there were berbers. huh. and before berbers there were goddess worshippers. like ISIS.
aren't Egyptians semites. what about Tunisians. anyone know.
got to find out who to hate and stuff....

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anyone can learn a trade. put down the rifle and quit the waste of life--esp. your own. be a waiter. drive a bus. go to school. they are young enough to run and shoot on the run and set bombs and run. and so can work.
but are there any jobs?
most will be in opium.
not an easy way out.