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Take your misuse of the word commie and stick it up your fucking ass.

Try actually reading what communism is. The bullshit that you claim it is is a bunch of religious pieces of shit claiming to be communists in order to have power over their idiot followers. They are not communists, they are scam artists.

By definition the word cult is a system of religious beliefs. From the Communist Manifesto: All religions are forms of deception and oppression and as such should be abolished and replaced with science, reason, philosophy and ethics. How exactly is communism a cult?

Political correctness has nothing to do with communism. Real communism is all for the expression and discussion of ideas, political correctness is all about don't have debates because you might offend someone so just be a gossiping piece of idiot garbage.

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I find the last part of the quote to be fairly accurate, but would say that it has more to do with gossip and pop culture fandom than anything else. Talking about a person from history that did something worthwhile or that committed an atrocity to learn from the history should not be considered weak minded.

There could also be those that are considered to have "great minds" that are discussing events to figure out why or how they occurred such as a natural disaster or the formation of a star.

I think that it is the idea of discussing ideas to determine whether they are valid or not to be great, but not everyone putting their two cents in about an idea has a great mind.

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Perhaps the investigative journalists, if they actually exist anymore, should be checking into any similarities between what Trump has done and is doing or has hinted at doing and what is going on behind the scenes of his administration to see is comparisons can be made to Hitler, Stalin or even how Putin managed to remain in power. The comparisons should be checked with other dictators that have consolidated power, especially if those countries were not already in that type of system.

You may have to check into many independent media sources and probably ones from other countries to find anything that is not aimed at just getting the current ratings.

Try indymedia.org for a few examples.

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"Dr. King hoped for a society where people would be evaluated by "the content of their character" rather than "the color of their skin." "

As soon as people figure that what you are and who you are are two separate things, this may come to pass. As long as there are those that continue to push the bullshit that behavior is due to genetics, (Eugenics), then this will not happen.

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I need to buy a freezer for myself as well. Right now I can my own pico de gallo and a couple of different kinds of tomato sauces from things that I grow in my garden, but it would seriously be nice to have a freezer as well.

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Speaking as someone that has been homeless and basically had to use the services of the Salvation Army, I can truthfully say that they are assholes. Where I was at, Dayton, Ohio, you had to actually fail a drug test before you could get admitted to stay at their homeless shelter. Not really a problem as I am a proponent of legal marijuana and have been for over 30 years.

They force you to attend AA and NA meetings which are masquerades for sermons. Listening to those people is worse than listening to Country music as far as making you want to go out and get drunk. I despise country music for the record.

They make you work around the facility which I actually do not disagree with, but they say that your work time will be two weekly assignments for the 6 or 8 weeks that you are supposed to be in rehab/indoctrination. They kept giving me work assignments because I kept saying that I was an atheist and pointing out to others there about the bullshit being pushed on them.

They literally try and tell you where you can and can not go outside of the shelter and say that if you are caught there they will kick you back out onto the street.

If you take the top bunk off the beds, the sleeping areas look like military barracks.

I stayed until I got a job and a paycheck, took about 4 and a half weeks, then packed my stuff and got out of there.

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They lost only because of a system put in place to protect slavery and give the final determination to the elites. That horseshit known as the electoral college. Clinton got the majority of the votes.

They are protesting more than just Trump get the electoral votes, (so far). they are protesting the crap that he and his followers stand for. If you haven't noticed, his election has emboldened the racists and religious right wing nut cases.

Do I want Clinton? Fuck no. But I definitely do not want the sack of shit garbage right wingers taking over.

If you think that Trump was the lesser of two evils, how are you going to feel when he and his religious running mate, Pence, start trying to force religious bullshit on you?

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Republicans now control the House, the Senate and the Presidency. They can't even seem to reason within their own party.

'Eternal optimism' is not going to work. The right keeps grabbing more power because the left refuses to fight back.

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Congrats on 4000.

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If you said separation of 'Mosque and State' or 'Synagogue and State' or 'Temple and State' they would readily agree with that statement. They probably do not understand that Church is being used to reference all religions and not just theirs. (They just ain't the smartest bunch to come down the pike).