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Last time I leave the yacht keys lying around....and hey, where did my sister go? AARRRON!

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Damn, two weeks and 87 search party volunteers later you just show up on your blog and say, "sorry, I was busy"! What the hell?!? Who's gonna pay for bloodhounds we used last week...not to mention the helicopter search and rescue team? You got a lot of explainin' to do!

In the meantime, welcome back...we missed ya.

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These are some great tips for blog readability. I recently found a blog with great content, but everything was in one lengthy paragraph and very difficult to read. I simply didn't want to work so hard to enjoy my blog reading.

Thanks for a great post!

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We need more bloggers to get passionate about who runs their government. It's great to see you taking a stand on your blog. I've not considered this for any of my blogs...but it's something to think about.

BTW, I worry, like Bobby Revell, that Ron Paul just doesn't have a realistic change this year. But I do like many of the principles he speaks of.

Truthfully, I worry that with any politician, we may just get more of what we've had in the past...lots of promises and no delivery. I don't have faith that any of the candidates will give us real change, despite their slogans and promises.