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No, no, no. The biggest variable in the game is the extra point. Its all about stopping the extra point after the opposing team has scored it. the TD or whatever preceding it is easy.

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We are like the Loyola Maramount of the 2010s only in football. I feel like its Rich Rods intention to let the other team score just so we can get the ball back. DR is our Bo Kimble.

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Email Marketing and registrations processes can be great ways for targeted leads. You need to be careful about the supplier and the filtering, but it can generate leads quickly and in good volume.

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I have an Australian client that was looking to move his online business to the U.S. He told me he needed to spend $150k in the U.S. through his company right away and was looking to make prepayments to do so. Not sure if this is part of the same program.

I have looked into similar programs in the UK and they have requirements of having £200k in a bank located in the UK.

I think the requirements are sizable so as to limit wealthy individuals ease at buying their way into the U.S.

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My wife always tells me its about "moderation". Its just that I am impossible at that. I have gotten more fit recently by just deciding I will not drink soda or beer (a yucky vodka soda is my drink of choice now - not liking it makes me drink less of it btw), and will not eat breads or pastas. I have also not eaten anything buy fish and chicken. Seems to have worked. Also, green tea instead of coffee.

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Not afraid to admit I like Kid Rock's music and its in heavy rotation on my ipod for workouts.

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One thing I know for sure is that an LLC and S corp allow you to asorb a lot of expenses that you cant personally with getting hit with AMT.

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I guess I dont understand the double taxation issue. If I make a million dollars "profit" at abc, inc I am taxed at ~ 35% in the corp. If I then withdraw the $650k as a dividend I pay the dividend tax of 15-20%, soon to go much higher under Obama I assume. Correct? effective tax rate is over 50%, no?

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If a company hopes to make any real money (that will be distributed to the members) isnt an LLC the best choice to avoid double taxation?

Also, I am not an accountant, but if a a number of people create a C corp and incur a ton of expenses trying to create a product prior to getting VC they wont be able to pass through those expenses to themselves. They remain stuck in the original corp. I ran into that once before when I created my first corp while trying to get something going back 10 years ago.

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There is a difference in running a business versus being a good employee in my opinion. I know a fair number of people running good businesses that didn't go to college, most did, but a noticeable number didn't. Especially in the UK.

I can note that I have poor experiences with a statistically large number employees who have not gone to school. Especially in the software development and network admin side. To the point I do not hire non degreed people unless desperate for a skillset. Coincidentally that compromise has lead to some of my biggest employee flameouts.