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Appreciate it, THANKS for taking the time to read!

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Well if you would like a guy's perspective on this continue reading this comment.. haha. Well if girls like assholes then from my point of view Edward from twilight could fall into that category, your very idolization of Edwards relationships implies to me that your view on love might be a little bit distorted because in reality an over obsessive over protective boyfriend shouldn't fall into the description of "perfect" guy. Of course it is my opinion but when the guy sneaks in her room at night and follows her secretly that's a little bit creepy to me, not to mention stalker material. Nevertheless, I don't think we should continue preaching girl's like asshole and nice guy's finish lasts because ladies please listen up, i've heard that saying a lot of times and I'm not the only guy who has heard that perspective either. So when men start hearing and eventually start believing that girl's like assholes well they will try to act like an asshole, survival of the fittest, if the nice guys finish last well hell guys would rather prefer to be an asshole............. moving on if I could give 3 good points why girl's like assholes they would be the following.
1. Girls like "assholes" because assholes have more imperfections than they do. Imagine dating a "PERFECT, NICE" guy with little or no imperfections. That would be scary, you know why? Because girls can no longer fit into the victim stereotype of dating an asshole guy. Dating a nice guy sets up girls to be the asshole in the relationship and girls like the drama and victim stereotype so they can talk about their problem to their friends. It's a lot easier to tell a friend how shitty your boyfriend is then to tell them how shitty you have been. think about it.
2. Girls that usually like asshole's are young. I am 20 and the asshole thing worked out in high school because girls are more concerned about what's happening in 5 minutes then what is going to happen in 5 years the older I get the more I see the asshole fading away, because with maturity girl's make better choices and usually are attracted to men more for how they can care and provide for them, not nessesarily who is fun and has a nice car even though that still matter's I still believe a 16 girl is more vulnerable to be attracted to an asshole than a 25 year old woman.
3. Plain and simple asshole's are fun. They usually are exciting and spontaneous, while the nice guys are home and doing homework preparing for a successful career. The asshole is usually chugging beer and ready for a good time... of course it's plain to see the asshole's fun is short lived and the nice guy will have a better life in the long run, but evidently the asshole is the master of the short run. They live for the moment and that danger and excitement attracts girls. HOWEVER, it's not until the asshole turns 30 and is still chugging beers and the nice guy is a successful business man when the girl says screw the asshole and becomes attracted to the security of a relationship with a nice guy. So in essence when talking about the long run, bad guys finish last. The End -jgthinker

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I'm sorry i'm unfamiliar with the term (ie) haha. What does that mean?

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Hey thanks! appreciate the feedback and I didn't write this earlier because I just recently joined, but EXPECT a lot more from me! See you on the blogspots!