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I hope has better luck with that than when he begged us to search for Saddam's "WMD".

No-one seems to be talking about the fact that the sanctions have really made an impact on the Iranian people and got their government to the table. Guess who made that happen? Answer: It wasn't Bush

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You're missing the point. If both parents are working, there needs to be somewhere for your kids to go. Not everyone is so rich that they can have a live-in nanny or au pair.

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A big issue is when there is a potential snow day or delayed opening/early dismissal because of weather.

To get a call early that morning really puts these families in a tremendous bind. Schools need to let parents know the day before, and not at 10 pm at night, so that they can make definite plans.

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That picture was at Citi Field. Shea Stadium was taken apart before 2012.

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There was also a lag with recognizing the Jewish holidays. Far more Jewish students were in the NYC public school system in the decades before the 1960s. My hunch is that the increased presence of Jewish teachers in the system (and still later, administrators) drove this change.

My guess today is that percentage wise there are probably more Jewish administrators than Jewish teachers than Jewish students in the system. In fact, one day it might be a reach to even continue closing for so many Jewish holidays, as it's likely that fewer and fewer Jewish students in the 5 boroughs will be attending NYC public schools (as well as the likely dimunition of Jewish teachers).

My guess is that there are probably more Moslem students in the NYC public school system today than Jewish students, so this move is indeed fair and welcome.

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My Dearest Bibi:

Please ignore the middle finger that is pointed squarely in your direction. Really, no harm was intended. Honest.

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I'm guessing they'll be jeered which will once and for all debunk the so-called bipartisan consensus that AIPAC claims to represent.

Remember folks--these are the reps of the administration that is giving countless billions of economic and military assistance to Israel. Be careful for whom you boo--you may one day reap what you sow.

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This Prime Minister has done more damage to Israel than all of the previous ones combined.

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Who said anything about leaving Orthodoxy?

One can be Orthodox and call, as many have, for substantial changes across the board. Already in DC new Orthodox institutions and safeguards have emerged as a result. The author may not choose to associate with them, and that is her choice, but hers is not the only option.

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He was accountable to no-one. And then, when victims finally did bring complaints to the RCA and others at Kesher, their complaints were dismissed or they were shunned. All about the good ol' boys network protecting their own, as has unfortunately happened with abuse cases all over America in a variety of setting.

He got away with having females in his classes as well as female converts go to his mikvah under false pretenses. Deceive the unknowing converts or students with the idea of "practice dunks". Or having a female undergoing conversion stay with him in the same sleeping compartment in the train where they were traveling.

That behavior, exactly.