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The Only thing I don't like about those cameras is sometimes I see them go off when cars are turning left through an intersection and they have a green light but everyone else has red lights. Hmm I hope people aren't being issued tickets for that!

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Thank you! My boss is freaking out "oh its the end of the world".... Please its the flu! As long as people do what they always do if there sick:
Wash your hands offen
Cough into your sleeve
Avoid work or school if your sick.
Then people should be ok!

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I agree!

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Ok, so question how much does it cost the state when someone jumps off the bridge? If all these people jumping off the bridge cost more then 7 million dollars maybe a fence would be useful but if not why not use it toward prevention programs for people who need mental help. Just a though, not trying to be insensitive just wondering the facts to get the right answer.

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Ted S. Warren, AP thats who took them...

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This is show is not real, how can you find love in this situation, people aren't their trueselves with cameras in there faces. It good tv but thats about it. Its a crappy situation especially playing out in front of america like that but when you sign up to be on a show like this you are kinda asking for it. Hense why most of the couples from the Bachelor and Bachelorette don't make it.

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Best thing ever, I filed my taxes at the end of January and received my direct deposit by February 13th.... It was wonderful not having to worry about it coming via the mail!

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My co-worker litterly just said that "Whats with all the monkey news lately?"

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I am so excited to go to a game welcome back Griffey!

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Just seeing their pictures gives me the creeps.... I am speechless and hope the 2 of them are found quickly before they hurt someone else! What a role model, some people shouldn't be parents!