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Thanks for the explanation. I hope at least you don't have to move again for a good long while.

A custom-made back-end sounds very wonderful and luxurious! Wow, I'd like to learn how to build one for my ISP. That would be a cool project.

480 weeks ago @ Chris Coyier - Some Quick Lessons I L... · 1 reply · +1 points

I'm sorry for the suckage. I wonder if it sucked partly *because* the nameserver wasn't changing. I work for a small ISP/hosting company and while I don't know the details, I know that when we migrate someone from one of our servers to another (to upgrade their service, usually) one of our engineers copies all the files, email, etc. to the new server, checks everything, and makes sure it's all in place before we do a DNS change with the registrar. It's usually pretty seamless that way.

By the way, I'm curious - what don't you like about Plesk? I've never really used anything else. Is there something better out there?

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Real bread is kneaded by your own hands and comes steaming out of your own oven. It's like websites - so much more satisfying when you make your own.

Oh, I just noticed Sasha said the same thing. Right on, Sasha! Happy baking!

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This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for your top-notch tutorials! I've always said that anyone can learn anything, with the right teacher. I've tweaked other people's themes for ages, but your friendly help gave me the confidence and inspiration I needed to start from scratch.

Don't be too critical if you look at my efforts, though - I have zip artistic or design skills. So please forgive me for copying a lot of your ideas. I hope I'll get more of my own as I flesh out my theme (it's not done yet).

I'm glad you included cool stuff like Simplepie, which I got going on my blog. I actually stopped the video, squinted, and copied some of your code (to limit the number of feed items fetched). Now I'm fired up to watch all your screencasts about jquery and make a cool tabbed sliding widget with my simplepie feeds, like the one on this site.

I know "content is king" but I gotta admit I'm a css/php junkie. WordPress is more fun to play with than any video game!

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I hadn't noticed the fuzziness till today at work. I just got a new iMac with a much higher res display than I had before, and now I can see the fuzz.

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Thanks for the lowdown, Isaac!

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You just made my day. I sometimes get tired of folks flaunting their technical skills to puff themselves up instead of focusing on making useful, useable, pleasing sites. I hope they're just youngsters who will get a clue in due time. Maybe it's natural for web developers to pass through a phase where they're caught up in playing with the technology for its own sake.

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Excuse me if this is slightly off-topic, but does anyone happen to know whether WordPress 2.7's threaded comments will use the IntenseDebate ID's? I just signed up at IntenseDebate because I like what these ID's can do. But I'd rather skip installing another plugin on my blog if I can just wait for the WordPress update instead. Not that installing a plugin is hard, I just have so many already.