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Another independence referendum can be avoided altogether if Mrs May grants effectively grants Scotland Home Rule by handing a much greater level of fiscal autonomy to the Scottish parliament along with greater control over health-care, along with granting the Scottish Conservative party the level of autonomy it enjoyed before 1965.

If we take the central argument for Scottish independence, that Scotland consistently gets Conservative governments that it doesn't vote for, this seems like a perfectly sensible thing to do and essential for Ruth Davidson to combat the SNP. In the days when the Scottish Conservative party was fully autonomous it was a significant force in Scottish politics. In the 21 general elections that were held in the UK between 1885 and 1965, there were two occasions (1906 and 1945) when the Conservative party suffered what at the time were record defeats, yet in only one of those general elections (1922, I believe) was there on occasion where the Scottish Conservative vote fell below 30%, and on that occasion it was 25%. On two occasions, 1931 and 1955, the share of the vote actually passed the 50% mark.

Giving the Scottish parliament greater power is the key way of ensuring the SNP get found out. For all their promises of utopia after 10 years of power their record in government has been mixed with Scotland falling behind the rest of the UK in terms of education and the economy. Keep granting Holyrood greater power Mrs May, the more power the SNP have, the more they screw it up, the more that Scots see through them and the more likely they are to vote for unionist parties. Give Scots a Conservative party that is effectively their own and therin lies the key to saving the union.

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Incidentally, on the subject of Savile, it's worth noting that Brass Eye creator Chris Morris was one of the few people to question Savile's saintly celebrity figure status while the DJ was still alive. in 1994, Savile threatened legal action after Morris broadcast a spoof news item on his Radio 1 show in which he announced that the DJ had dropped dead, but that the patients in Stoke Mandeville were far from mourning, and that the majority were sad that he did not suffer terribly in agony while he died.

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Sorry Peter, but your point about Brass Eye is nonsense.

Regarding the point "Looking back, it is clear that it was the supposed ‘hysteria’ that was exaggerated, not the threat from organised abusers. Granted, there will always be people like the idiots who didn’t know the difference between a paedophile and a paediatrician, but that’s unimportant compared to the enormity of what happened in Rotherham and elsewhere."

Try telling that to the family of Scott Bradley, who killed himself after being mistaken of being one of the murderers of Liverpool toddler James Bulger. Try telling that to the family of the Bristol man Bijan Ebrahimi, 44, who was burned alive by neighbours after he was accused of being a paedophile when his only crime was to take photographs of local youths vandalising his garden baskets. Try telling that to men such as Michael Horgan whose lives were damaged after they were mistakenly identified for paedophiles after the News of the Worlds name and shame campaign in 2000.

If anything, the post Savile climate has made Brass Eye even more relevant. One scene in the programme featured the shows presenter Chris Morris made light of institutionalized padophilia with an interview with a woman who was responsible for employing a convicted paedophile teacher 47 times over; in another he asked "why are no paedophiles black?"

David Cameron's warning to Philip Schofield after he had handed him the names of suspected paedophiles from the internet on the This Morning programme that there was a danger that this would degenerate into a witch hunt against gay people was beautifully vindicated by the case of one of his own MPs, Nigel Evans. The acquittals of high profile celebrities such as Bill Roache, Michel Le Vell, Andrew Lancel, Cy Chedwick, the cases of Jimmy Tarbuck, Jim Davidson and Freddie Starr who all had allegations of sex abuse against them printed in the press before charges were dropped, the case of Lord Mclpine are all reasons why Brass Eye hit the nail on the head.