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We have taught Z to leave the buttons alone, but let her press certain ones "all by herself" during setup. Her primary motivation to leave them alone is that if she presses any while the video is playing, the video stops, or skips, or whatever, which is pretty good operant conditioning.

The model we purchased has a dual headphone jack, which was a major selling point for us. But you can also just buy a headphone jack splitter from Radio Shack for under $10.

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Yes, we do have and use a Tadpole and iPod combo, but the bigger screen does wonders for the attention span. The Philips device sounds lovely, though.

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Thanks, Sunny! We're glad you found us!

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Cecily and Tiffany,

We have always worked very hard to listen to our readers' needs and preferences - in fact, we came to the decision we did in part based on consultation a while back with our ZRecs Working Group, an advisory board of readers. Because the group members are willing to engage with us in this way we understand they are not necessarily a representative sample, but they did tell us without exception that the idea didn't bother them.

If you'll give us a chance long enough to fill out our upcoming Reader Survey, we'll ask you to declare your priorities for our blog in a number of areas, including this one. We place a very high value on our subscribers and would hate to lose you as we work to find intelligent and appropriate ways to grow.

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That rating was really surprising to us because we haven't had any problems with our travel bag, and like it a lot. The durability seems to be the issue among readers - I wonder if they might be checking their car seats rather than carrying them on? (Which, by the way, is something you should NEVER do - baggage handling could contribute invisible hairline cracks which could compromise the strength of a car seat.) If not, I don't know why they had such a different experience than we have had - we have traveled with ours several times, it shows no wear, and it looks and feels durable to us.

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We contacted Jossamber Shapiro, one of the partners at Little Capers, and she wrote:

I just checked myself and there isn't anything wrong with the code that I can find ... My guess is that one of a few things things is happening:

1) They are trying to order Blue Earth instead of Green Earth which is not on sale

2) They have been to our website before and are storing an old version of our website on their browser and need to empty the cache and or cookies

3) They are not entering the right code - SSS35

We have had sales on the Green Earth today using the code. We always have a handful of people saying the code doesn't work but it usually turns out to be one of the things above. If the person is still having a hard time I hope they will email us directly at so we can figure out the problem. People can also call our office 818-785-7887.

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That's interesting. We have had very different experiences on the rare occasions we have done this. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that it was an eBay purchase, or if it just reflects a difference in the way credit-card companies handle such requests.

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All of the information in the Z Report is collected from company representatives. I just checked the First Years' description of the Breastflow bottle, located here:

and there is nothing stated about BPA. If you can locate the claim you have seen that the bottle is BPA-free, please send a link to a First Years website stating this or a photo of their packaging and we will investigate further. It is possible that they have changed the plastics used since our report was published or that the customer service representative misinformed us. However, without any evidence of this, we have to stand by the information we were given - that the bottles are made of polycarbonate plastic, which contains Bisphenol-A.

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Well, that is certainly the other side of the coin. I know though that if we ever buy on eBay again, we will be paying with a credit card, not PayPal. At least that way we can do an automatic chargeback and have the credit card issuer investigate it. The fact that eBay charges a fee to have a claim evaluated is ridiculous, and there are many better ways to do it - seller and buyer volunteer review boards or a "three-strikes" policy for filing rejected claims ("crying wolf" will reduce your right to submit them) are just two ideas off the top of my head. If they were serious about preventing such abuses they would spend a little time establishing a better system altogether, but in its current and soon-to-be-replaced incarnation, I found feedback to be pretty much worthless except for identifying the worst offenders - everyone else was an "A+" seller or buyer, which, like a test's 100% pass rate, is a sign that the mechanism is broken.

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Yikes, that was an oversight - we use Freecycle all the time. We also recently heard about Freepeats, a new service in several cities that is subscription-based and allows parents to swap kids' stuff around. It's run by the folks behind the great parenting blog Baby Cheapskate (