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Definitely. With anthropology the scientist needs provenience, or the location, of where the bones were found. You should try to wait and call the authorities...not take them home. I find that a little bizarre as well. There could have been critical pieces of evidence that would aid in any's definitely an arm but they look pretty thick to me to be human...but who knows...

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I don't know if anyone watches Cesar Milan but he says that your energy is sensed by the animal. If you remain calm, the dog can sense that...just like if you have a dog and you're crying or sick they seem to tune into those emotions. I think that continually reporting on articles about pit bulls and only reporting on attacks by this one breed perpetuates fear that may or may not be justified. There are numerous cases of dogs of all breeds who will attack when they feel threatened or they feel someone is in their owners parents have a rottweiler and at home he's a sweetheart, but the minute he is outside and someone is too close to us he completely changes his attitude and does a low growling rumble. Its the duty of the owner to correct that, which he is corrected, but I believe they are instintually guarding. There was the story a few days ago about the mastiff's biting a kid in this state as well, just to point out another breed. I personally have a golden retriever. His teeth are massive, and I'm sure if he wanted he could inflict a strong bite, but its our responsibility to inhibit bite responses and make him very socialized. Just my opinion on the pups out there :)

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Funny....I believe Stevens was one of the original people to sign the first bill...

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And since we've been allowing straight marriages:
1) straight people have killed other people
2)straight children have gone up to do drugs, prostitution, and more
3) straight people have been pedophiles
4) straight people have been polygamous
blah blah could say the same crap about straight couples. People are people, you wouldn't even KNOW a persons sexuality unless you it is completely irrelevant in the scheme of human rights issues.

Get educated.

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Yes master. Yay for Demoracy which allows livnez to teach us what we must do so we may all abide.

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Don't worry, this is all taught in University settings to pretty much every gets learned along the lines eventually especially in terms of human biology/forms of evolution...

But, always try to think of both sides. Most anthropologists (who teach evolution and creationism) often believe in something greater, because not much can explain the complexity of being human and how we are truly made :)

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If the resurrection occurred at 0, 2009 years ago, BC is more than 2009 years ago...6000 years ago would have been 3991 BC, right?

LOL so maybe both of your figures are in the same ballpark? Maybe he/she meant 6000 BCE?

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Hi Reason4Logic, just here to back you up/make further comments on your statement....
as an anthropologist the theory of "African Eve" is a theory, and there are many, many more. Three more come to light, one of which is that all of ancestors can also be traced in three different worldwide lineages.
Also, more interesting, are things that align (and also misaligned) with the bible. It's interesting to research the lineages between the great pharaohs of Egypt and how they correlate to the biblical tales. I believe there is truth and myth in all, but kudos for looking things up - which is more than I can say for most.

And by the way folks, I'm sure these Senate bills are available to look up on the Washington State Senate website, and I'm most certainly sure there will be public hearings/testimony. Feel free to voice your opinions for/against and testify (or just document your side) for the record.

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Yea, I'm from Germany and it is impressive that people will even get into the left lane when someone is going 120 MPH, and everyone has to downshift and slam the breaks. Also, in Germany semi-trucks are only allowed to drive in the far right lane (if there is more than 2 lanes). That helps the passing factor a LOT!