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Apparently it doesn't matter how you play but how you finish! I'm hoping that Bradley will get it together before we enter our next two "tough" matches coming up... This lucky streak we've had can't last forever!

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Wow! What a huge dissappointment that game was.. It's a shame because I thought we were looking pretty good out there, making shots, creating opportunity....Especially If you consider we are down to our 3rd goalie and all the new faces out there, like promising Padilla but they haven't really learned eachothers styles yet!! I am not giving up hope for MY Chivas yet.. I know they have slipped down on the charts but they are a few games behind the other guys! We just need to get it together and QUICK!

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I'm not going to ramble about statistics since I've seen them quoted so many ways in different places that my head is spinning! The Home Team has the Advantage? Really? Hmmm... That sounds familiar! Maybe the PERCEIVED advantage. Yes, there will be some 100+K very passionate Mexican fans booing our boys out there...They MUST never let the ANTI-fans squash their spirit and bond as a group, knowing there are many more fans cheering them on WORLD-WIDE! Of course the home team is more comfortable and familiar with their environment! Finally, Yes, I agree Mexico is a respectable opponent and I'll admit that when they aren't playing MY USMNT I do cheer for El Tri!

Team sports are part skill, part luck and the biggest factor may be finding players with talents that compliment each other! They've got to know each others strengths and weaknesses and be there for each other! Not to mention a coach that knows how to lead them to use those strengths & weaknesses! I believe there are 11 guys on that 20 man USMNT roster that have what it takes to get this done!

However formidable the statistics are - Records are made to be broken and streaks can only last so long! Our boys are going in there (after an embarrassing loss) focused, in shape and on target to prove a point! I hope they make it a big giant exclamation point!

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I’d really have to know the whole story to say whether it was right to let him go so abruptly! At first glance it seems unwise to release someone without having an official suitable replacement! I was not expecting this one! I would be more concerned for a certain other coach who I will not name. The coach to some degree is only as good as it’s players.. HOWEVER: It is their responsibility to learn what each players strenghths and weaknesses are and use them to the teams advantage!

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From my understanding -The squad that was sent to The Gold Cup was more like a "skeleton crew"! Bradley was more or less seeing what we've got available.. I'm pretty sure that will be the 1st & last time a few of those boys wear the USA Jersey! I'll admit 5-0 is a shameful & embarrasing loss - but still - if we can make 2nd place with a skeleton crew.. That is something to be proud of!! Long LIVE THE USA!!!

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Beckham netted a lot of world wide attention to American Soccer! That's a good thing no matter how you look at it! Press is press whether it's good or bad and whether you love him or hate him everyone knows Beckham! I personally have a little less respect for the man after leaving the Galaxy high & dry like that! What did he need with another 10 million dollars??!?!?! Hopefully he'll come back (without sustaining any injuries) so The Galaxy , The MLS and all the fans will get their money's worth!

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I voted that I would not "boo" Beckham - not that I don't think he deserves to be bood, it's just that I don't believe in booing! I think booing is rude (even if the subject might deserve it). I recall a game at the LA Coliseum where Galaxy was SUPPOSED to be the home team vs Chivas Guadalajara yet there were what seemed to be a 10:2 Chivas fan ratio! The booing was so intense that it took away from my enjoyment of the event. For a moment, I ALMOST felt like I should go trade in my Chivas Jersey for Galaxy just so they would have more fans there. (Thank god that moment passed). At that game I was in the front row close enough to see the grass on Beckham's shoes - There was a couple next to us that had all kinds of Beckham and Galaxy jeresys hoping for an autograph...Needless to say Beckham didn't even glance at us once during the whole game as he was seated on the bench!

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Even if Brazil IS the feared 5x champion! I believe team sports have a lot to do with team spirit - a confidence within eachother and maybe a little luck! What I saw were a bunch of guys in US jerseys chasing the ball around a field, mostly in attempt to (innefecitvely) stop the TEAM they were playing from scoring! Apparently our forwards aren't able razzle dazzle us with goals, so, maybe we should learn a lesson from teams like Iraq vs Spain, they may have gone down 1-0, but hey, 1-0 isn't too shabby! They did a fine job as a team against a team that was just better at scoring!

With all that said, I completely disagreee with the statement that Brazil is "... physically stronger and faster. They tackle harder" That's a pretty bold comment and as an American I almost feel offended by it! Okay, maybe they do TACKLE harder... or maybe we didn't do a good enough job making it harder for them!

All hope is not lost! We have AT LEAST 1 more game to prove that Americans can play as hard and fast as the rest of the world! Surely with some tactical changes, player changes and a really big Kumbaya pep talk we CAN do it!!!

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Only 9 shots from the US side vs 23 on Brazil! Wow! Shameful! What about the goal that originated from OUR corner kick? How did that make it through? I have litterally felt nauseous since watching that game! I can't give you technical break downs or score cards on what went wrong there... My eyes weren't glued to the screen as usual, partially because I had work to get done and partially because I felt the guys gave up too soon - mostly because I saw the dejected look on all the players faces and I couldn't stand to watch it!

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