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I see you've budged from your MEMRI propaganda that the fatwa was definitely never issued. According to the heavily footnoted WINEP study conducted by M. Eisenstadt and M. Khalaji (with the original Persian as the source) -- In October 2003, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei issued an oral fatwa forbidding the production and use of WMD in any form. Since then, Khamenei and other officials have repeatedly asserted that Iran is
not seeking to acquire the bomb because Islam bans WMD—although Khamenei’s more recent statements have been ambiguous with regard to the development
and stockpiling of nuclear weapons. From page ix of Nuclear Fatwa, Policy Focus #115, Sept. 2011.

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I agree that issues existed before CU. However, CU opened the floodgates for dark money -- more than doubling the amount spent between 2010 and 2015. Furthermore, in the most competetive Senate races in the last election cycle, dark money accounted for 59% of all funds raised.
The narrow 5-4 Supreme Court vote overturned a federal law, which of course, was written and passed by our representatives.

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As opposed to fulfilling your wishes of becoming a vassal state of Netanyahu and the Israeli right?

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Only in your dreams, sweetheart, only in your dreams.

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I read what Kessler wrote, and if you actually read the entire piece, he provides strong evidence that a fatwa was issued, and did not "award" any of his infamous " Pinnochios" ,which he would have done if the claim a fatwa has been issued was untrue.
Furthermore, much more scholarly articles have been published in Foreign Policy and The Washington Institute for Near East Studies. In the latter's Policy Paper #115, the authors produce a lengthy and heavily footnoted document -- with links to original Farsi sources -- which concludes a fatwa was, indeed issued.
The fact that such a fatwa may be abandoned or dissolved by the Iranians does not mean one was not issued. I have no trust of Iran's leadership.
My original point was that if one is going to believe every thing Khamenei says, than one must believe his fatwa is valid, as well. Personally, I don't believe anything Khamenei says. whether its his fatwa or his claims about the framework for the nuclear inspections.
Ultimately, it doesn't matter what leaders and politicians say. It matters what they do. That is why the pending nuclear agreement under discussion must and does contain the necessary safeguards of transparency and verification.

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There is so much dark money in politics now -- primarily due to Citizens United -- that individual Jewish donors' impact is now much less important on the national political stage than in the past. Also, second to Adelson, Chaim Saban is probably the most high profile Jewish/pro-Israel political donor and fundraiser, and he and his family are extremely close to the Clintons.
I think that the writing is on the wall -- the influence of the institutional Jewish community is waning. AIPAC has allowed itself to become the U.S outpost of the Likud party and settler movement. Republicans have succeeded in manipulating support for Israel as partisan issue, with no nuance or room for engaging on what constitutes appropriate support other than serving as a conduit for the demands of Netanyahu and the Israeli right.
What Republican candidate will garner the support and vote of the rank and file Jew? Jeb Bush? Ted Cruz? Rand Paul? As long as they run their primary campaigns trying to outdo their anti-choice, pro-NRA and Christian fundamentalist credentials, they'll never win the trust or support of most Jews merely by proclaiming their fawning support for the Netanyahu government of Israel.

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Only a bigot like you would spew such nonsense. Of course, trangender human beings are of both sexes, and should be able to enjoy whatever their identity is. And of course, the point of Tony's comment is that the term "girl" was used in the lyrics, as opposed to "woman".

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Funny, in your first comment you didn't cite MEMRI. You pretended that you had actually gone to the source of your attribution.
Also. MEMRI is not a journalistic publication. It is a right-of-center pro-Likud, anti-Iranian institution, which has been especially guilty of mistranslating Arab and Farsi speeches and publications, among other failings. Just look at how MEMRi footnoted its own hit piece -- virtual all cited references we MEMRI's own publications.
Numerous credible major jouranlism outlets ( e.g., Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post) have confirmed the existence of the fatwa. Whether or not Khamenei can be counted on to continue the fatwa is an issue worth discussing. But the question of whether or not the fatwa was issued is settled -- it was.

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It's in every major English Language dictionary.
By the way, what's "Mangina"? Is it the mango flavored version of Orangina?

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1. "Stronger" sanctions -- which would only be employed by the U.S., since the U.N. and Europe reject them -- would likely -- according to most experts -- lead to the collapse of the united front that currently exists against Iran.
2. Iran is a populous, highly educated and united nation -- not the hodge-podge of factions controlled by a strong man dictatorship. The idea that the U.S can, on its own, force Iran to its knees by imposing unilateral sanctions is ludicrous. Iran will just walk away from talks, leaving the only options available as the status quo before talks began, or war.