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Could EVERYONE be as sweet as you. Isn't it amazing how much we are craving the light. We can only take so much of this crap, soak up the sun so we can please :)

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Andrew better not apologize to these people or to anyone, there is a buzz that's out here and boy it makes me mad. Andrew is a genius and we are so grateful for you and you deserve a big gold award and one day you will. I'm waiting for my apology from these creeps that we now have proof it's not true from our crappy what did Rush call them? Oh I'm so mad right now. And they owe Andrew an apology and we will be waiting for it ! grrrrrrrr

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Where's the Palin tapes!!!!!!!!! You know they have to be there, come on Tucker I have my popcorn ready!!!!

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I've got my popcorn ready for outing of the Palin smears! You know they have something on those tapes about her.

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She graduated from Harvard didn't she? If so that is her problem.

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When are they going to start polling the media? It is so biased that it should be criminal. We need to poll the media in 2010!!!

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That means he is doing the OPPOSITE of what he says. Where is he putting them??? Is fire in their future??

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You forgot W Goldberg.

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It's sad to see these lost souls being abused and being manipulated out of their money, it cost some their life. This guys been on Oprah! She has taken alot of wrong turns lately, what happened to her judgment? People you can't buy salvation, period. I hope this survivor goes on to recover and find hers. The war on God will hurt alot of people, for this reason we need to fight this campaign in the name of basic principals, human rights and most of all for their safety. This is shameful, very dangerous and this travesty proves it.

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No, the execs and Obama got together to push their agenda on us the peons that don't know any better. You know get rid of God and replace him with service to our dear savior.