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they don't care about the warrant or pressing charges. All they wanted was the customer list. They got what they came for. They don't want to go after the manufacturer who have lawyers and resources on stand by. They want the lone individual without resources. Welcome to Amerika.

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Only in Chicago.... fighting men with guns with bats, stools, and fire extiguishers. In AZ... you would have two dead criminals.

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all of it is a lie.

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I am waiting for a single lie.... still waiting. AB the American Patriot with a Legacy of being a Champion of the truth and exposing the lowest of the low of our society.

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more dribbling.....
So you know God's judgment?? Perhaps you should answer the trolls question.

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Its Liberal nonsense. Nobody knows God's mind. Because common knowledge knows the we don't commit people to heaven or hell and God does shows how invalid your question is. Keep the jabs coming in your expose of ignorance. Breitbart knew the most effective way to expose the ignorance of a progressive is to keep them talking. So open your mouth and dribble on the post... show us who you are.

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AB wears you insensitivity and liberal nonsense as a badge of honor. Keep the jabs coming.

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Andrew loved a few things.... The First Amendment and the citizen journalist. He saw the future and it is in the cameras we tote and Internet Protocol. MSM doesn't have the balls.... but Breitbart had sack. Cheers Breitbart, may God greet you with a smile and may your family be comforted. The snowball you pushed down the hill a short time ago is much too big to stop now.

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Andrew Breitbart.... American Hero. A convert from California liberalism to common sense conservatism/libertarianism. A man who sought the truth. A New Media genius. An inspiration to all aspiring journalists and the new citizen journalist. A man working for us in spirit to restore individual liberty.

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ahhhh... Raul Grijalva. He is Tucson's pride.... proud member of MeCha and La Raza. He is the worst progressive in AZ.