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These jerks stole my husbands information, and tried to charge 3000.00, but thank goodness my credit union was paying attention. They didn't get a dime of our money, but that was not for lack of trying. My husband just called me, and said they have the little bastard that was using his card, and he is now sitting in jail. Don't think this can't happen to you, cause that is what I used to think. I am so thankful that BECU was looking out for us. Oh, and to the little punk that tried to drain our bank account, I hope you like your new home.

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This woman needs to realize, when you get on a plane there is no promise that you will make it where you are going without something happening. She is darn lucky to be alive, and not a number in a casualty count from a crash. Sorry honey bad things happen all the time, and you need to get over it. Use your health insurance and go see a shrink, but don't expect the airline to pick up the tab.

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First contraction, out the door next time. Very cute baby!

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hang em high, and let him swing for awhile!

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I am so sorry for your loss. A 30 year Hollywood marriage is so rare, it must have been filled with true love. Such a shame to have your life together end so suddenly. I hope you and your children can find comfort with one another.

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Many times, an ultrasound can detect a problem that may need to be repaired soon after birth. It can find a hole in the heart, intestines outside the body, etc. In the case of intestines outside the body, a C-section has to be done, to prevent infection. So it is not always about pictures and knowing the babies sex.

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She has the same guilty "I know what I did was wrong" look Susan Smith had after she killed her two boys. If she didn't hurt or kill him, she knows where he is, push her hard enough, and she will crack.

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People just need to lighten up. It was just a joke, has life really become that serious? You can be none of those upset pork people have ever been to Archie McPhee's.

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Tom Cruise is an idiot, always has been, always will be.

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Unless this is one of the most mature 16 year old in the world, it is a huge mistake to let her take on something like this on her own. Do her parents not read about pirates in those waters? ( I of course am not talking about the ones in Disneyland either). She was aloud to put herself in harms way by her own parents, and I feel they did it to get themselves publicity. My parents had a hard enough time letting me drive at 16, what kind of parents are these that will allow their 16 year old daughter to do this? unless they are due for a miracle, I think they spoke their last words to their daughter over the airwaves, and if so, what a shame to waste a young life.