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True. I moved about 6 years ago. Wasn't an issue then, perhaps now.

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I lived in Gunbarrel for 10 years, about a mile away from the supposedly impacted area, and never had a problem with the airplane noise. Just not an issue.

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Very happy to be a part of the team. I've got a feeling that great things are going to happen.

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Great synopsis on Fuser. Thanks for listening and telling your readers about us. Jeff, President of

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Thanks David.

The 14th/Walnut location is Fuser's current location. Not only are we open to subleasing part/all of the space, we're also open to having a "roommate". Our space is very cool and is right across the street from TechStars and a 1/2 block off of the Pearl St. walking mall.

I'll second Casey's post and put the good word in for Aaron Evans. He helped us find our current space and did a magnificent job. Very professional, very effective, great guy. Highly recommended.

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We're very excited about this launch. It's really a whole new product. Early returns from customers are positive and they're suggesting many new ideas.

Thanks for getting the word out there about the new release.


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Yeah, you nailed it. If the user had to go back and forth to our page (and thus load and re-load the app), that would suck. :)

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Looking forward to meeting you at Defrag.

With regard to Fuser using Java, you said you "will be interested to hear how they're getting on using a Java applet for their service, I loved the potential of Java for my original SearchMash but the loading times were just too painful for me."

Java does take a bit more time to load than other technologies, but we've found that it exclusively offers the depth and flexibility we need. For example, it allows for threads and it's intended for real app development. We've definitely have been coming up a learning curve using Java the way we do on the client side in our unique architecture, but you'll soon see a new version of Fuser (a matter of days) and be able to judge for yourself how well Java works from a user's perspective.

We look forward to your feedback.


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Gwen, thanks for the exposure.

Looking forward to seeing videos of other start-ups around here.


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Stay tuned to Fuser on Facebook. While today we only allow Facebook users to read their MySpace comments, bulletins and messages on Facebook, we're adding functionality and soon users will be able to respond and delete these communications.

If your readers want to check out our app they can see it here: