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Recently? DomainKeys was deprecated in favor of DKIM in 2007.

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I think this shows (once again) that human beings set their own context when reading email — and no amount of market research can override the real world.

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The author's email client inserts the headers, and the recipient's email client (be it desktop or web-based) interprets them. Smarter clients can also correctly thread messages which don't include the headers, though not quite as easily. That's one of the things gmail missed.

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Jamie Zawinsky wrote this in 1997, and the algorithm he describes still sounds better than most of the threading we see in products these days:

I think the real shift gmail caused is that it finally broke the idea that if a mail client doesn't look and feel exactly like Outlook, nobody will ever use it -- something we unix command line folks have known all along.

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Turns out, people from Michigan aren't called Meshugenah. Who knew?

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If you're trying to understand deliverability, don't confine yourself to email marketing blogs. Anti-spam resources are relevant, too, because new spam threats result in new anti-spam techniques -- and those might affect your deliverability far more immediately.

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thanks for supporting KGNU!

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So, Matt, you're saying we need a banana tree in the office?

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Tom, you're right that email marketers and deliverabilty wonks aren't doing anything about botnets, but they're far from the only players. There's a long list of "primary sources" links along the left side of boxofmeat.net which may provide some helpful information on what the rest of the industry is doing.

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I think I fall somewhere in between, most of the time. I do enter a mindset of "okay, I'm in their hands now, nothing I can do" -- but in return for my being passive, I still expect them to do their part.

Having flown through quite a few airports (though probably not as many as Brad), I'm convinced that we're very, very lucky to live near DIA. The TSA staff is actually friendly, even as they yell out stupid rules over and over. So are most of the gate staff (with a few glaring exceptions, like Midwest Airlines.) I don't know what makes DIA different, but other airports could learn a lot.