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I find it utterly strange that people can believe in angels, little green men, unicorns and magic, yet when it comes to having doubts that our leaders told us the truth when evidence seems to be overwhelming that is is not true, they will call it a conspiracy theory. Watergate was such a conspiracy theory as well. No one would have believed that Nixon could have been a crook, yet it was proved to be true. Peer pressure to conform sure has kept its sheep in order.

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Everything about 9-11 is not quite right. No black boxes found, NORAD wasn't watching the skies, normal wreckages from planes not found, building go down like controlled demolitions. We are told by the government that Al Qaeda caused it and simply expected us to believe it without proof. The crime scene was quickly cleaned up without an investigation. And now if normal citizens even voice the possibility of doubt about the government's claim they are shouted down as some conspiracy nut as some sort of shaming ritual by the mindless masses. I am amazed how easily the American people are manipulated like a bunch of stupid farm animals. And yet I assume some people would rather believe that angels had some part to play than the obvious.

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Ok I want to know why the bus driver did not just pull over the bus and put a stop to this. If this woman was the bus monitor, why didn't she alert the bus driver instead of just sit there and take this abuse? Isn't that part of her job?

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That is bs! I own a mac because of the quality, but I saved up the money for a long time before I bought mine and my income is less than 20 thousand a year. It certainly would not be fair that just because I use a mac that they would charge me more for a ticket over someone who used a pc.

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I am one of those rare individuals that never had a cell phone. I still have a landline and I don't miss what I never had and my telephone bill is pretty cheap.

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Apparently there are two types of marriages in this country. The union that is recognized only by the church but which has no actual benefits other than being a union sanctioned by a particular god and then there is the civil marriage which is a union legally recognized by the government and thus given certain benefits. Some people have two types of marriages, while those who only get a civil marriage has only one. Gay couples only want the civil type of marriage recognized by the government.. Religious people can keep their religious marriages to themselves.

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yeah I agree. It would be really funny if they didn't reach the required amount of registered voters.

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I don't care if you condone it or not. When it comes to inalienable rights it is not up to you are anyone else to grant homosexuals the rights that everyone else enjoys. The 14th amendment says that every citizen is entitled to the exact same rights as everyone else. You are allowed to believe it is a perversion, but the government is not supposed to use religious laws and the idea of sin to deny people equal rights in secular society.

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Christianity may not always be the dominate religion. Someday Islam or some other belief could become the dominate belief and those who believe differently than you could just as easily feel that your rights should be voted away as well. I just hope that someday Christians will have to fight for their rights and I hope that they see the frustration when they actually lose them. This is not supposed to happen in a republic such as ours and the rights of minorities are supposed to be protected from things just like this.

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Okay lets have a vote to see if you personally should have any rights if you are so willing to have a vote on the rights of others.