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This is why i will never give up my guns..

Liberals cannot be trusted with
the security
the economy
the immigration policies of any nation..

If we had liberals and democrats running our nation
during wwII they would have donned ss uniforms immidiatly
and began helping hitler by arresting all who spoke against him..

Same thing is happening now
but instead of nazis we have something far worse..

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No not cartman i dont know who that is
Anyway my point is simply i know what i saw
I dont care now who believes me or not.

It is irrelivent
but i find it very telling that the news media is doing all they can
to activly help our enemies to defeat and kill us.

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I put my honest opinion on my own site
this way i wont get anyone else in trouble

But simply put this is sheer insanity and completly ignores
the clear danger islam represents.

But thats ok to the democrats and the left.

It is more important to ensure americans are defeated
Especially ohh
the military
the police
the FBI
the CIA
and of course those pesky
Right wingers and christains

than it is to protect american lives and to fulfill their oath of office..
But hey you liberal MORONS voted these islamic lovers into power..

so dont be surprised when you start seeing real islamic terror attacks here
and by the way (when the muslims are sawing of your hear)
the news media and the democrats will be calling them

and you will be the racist victim who deserved it..

Its comming so get your ass ready

I told ya

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I mean look at Islam
its supposed to be superior..
even though ALL and i do mean ALL
evidence points exactly the opposite direction

So how can you compel a REAL Muslim school
to stop teaching their religion and DARE to threaten
them by cutting off their money (which mohammed states is theirs anyway)

No ...
this may start a tit for tat retaliaton leading up to more
brutal violence..

I hope i am wrong..
But i know

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So the ACLU layers better watch out
or they might end up on youtube
in a non flattering beheading video..

Im serious here..
Already there are rumblings in the muslim community
about how they deserve special treatment
and they are only at 1% of the population..
But already your seeing the stirrings beginning..

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Pat condell is an atheist
But he has the RIGHT to believe what he wishes
Now i may disagree with him (and i do)..

But that is his RIGHT..
Muslims also have rights too..
BUT those RIGHTS come under US LAW.
If you dont like it
Then LEAVE...

When i was in Korean they took us over to the local jail.
In there were supposed to be 2 american GI's

They were found guilty of assault or minor crimes and were sentanced
to 2 years HARD LABOR.

There was nothing the US could do..
Its their country and we are their GUESTS..
so we have to abide by their laws..

Since we are a free nation however
it seems like the liberals want to let the muslims
run wild and destroy it..

I say NO
I say enough..
This is where i agree with mr condel.

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Man if this was a baptist or a catholic priest
man the news media would have non stop 24 x 7 coverage for a whole entire week

But its just a couple of muslim girls killed by their own family memers right..
nothing to see here folks...

makes me sick..

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This is some seriously sick crap.
All brought to you by the insanity called

Wonderful when this islamic garbage starts to happen here in america
dont expect the liberals to save your sorry asses
They will be HELPING ..

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I told ya
I told ya one of my famous top 30 predictions
that the democrats and obama / clinton
would abandon israel as soon as they felt like it.
you cannot trust any liberal

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I have had enough of this insanity

How come Fox news knows about this
Islamic Terrorist conference but the Department of Homeland Security
is absolutly clueless?

and you wonder why we dont trust our own government..

sheesh if you want the job done right
do it yourself..
If these Islamic nazis host another bomb making conference
in our neiborhood dont be surprised when the police are called in..


I am outraged..