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It is also a lie that you cannot email your congress critters. I do it all the time--my email has never been refused. Check your facts and DON"T take any action on the word of a journalist. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! READ THE BILL!!!

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TOTALLY NOT A WORD OF TRUTH IN THIS ARTICLE! The bill is to allow Border Patrol INTO FEDERAL LANDS ONLY. Doesn't have a thing to do with private land. The reason the illegals walk unfettered into AZ, NM and TX is because there are Federal lands all along the southern border where the BP CANNOT go by FEDERAL LAW. This bill allows that access. READ THE BILL AND PROVE WHERE THE BAKKEN RESERVE WILL BE AFFECTED EXACTLY. This is more hogwash from the Open Borders people. You like illgals coming into the US--then oppose this bill and it will continue to be business as usual on the border. Just remember that we who LIVE on the border will be putting up signs along the border sending the illegals to YOUR TOWN because YOU want them in YOUR BACK YARD.
HR 1505 isn't about fossil fuels it is ABOUT PROTECTING THE AMERICAN CITIZENS THAT LIVE IN THAT 100 MILE NO MANS LAND ON THE SOUTHERN BORDER!! and when the illegals start coming across the Northern border---what makes anyone think they aren't because they ARE and they are NOT the Canadians!!!--you will be glad BP can catch them anywhere!

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Want to bet that someone is cooking the books as we speak!! The one person who knows where all the skeletons are and have been for the last 16 years decides suicide is better than providing the information he is privvy to to the public?? What could possibly happen to him since he was only the messenger and NOT responsible for the mess over the last 16 years?? Too many others above him have dirty hands--my heart bleeds for his family.

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I tried the stite and it is not working, it goes no where. Please repost because you are right there does need to be a forward focus and as much as I love Glenn Beck I do not see that happening here!