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I've never heard that Hitler was in bed with the Communists. Not from any credible source that is. The NSDAP was formed largely to battle the very real Communist threat that existed in Germany post WWI. I don't know where you get your information but it sounds very suspect. I pay attention and this all smells of a huge hoax to me. In other words, a pile of BS. You claim the alliance has been "hidden in history". Maybe that's because it never existed to begin with?

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Jews are psychopathic barbarians. Why does anyone dispute this?

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One can hope.

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No. Now you can peddle that load of BS in another neighborhood. People frequenting this website know fully well what a criminally psychotic, rogue, apartheid state Israel is. The topmost statistic from the website "If Americans Knew", http://tinyurl.com/64k2g, follows

Israeli and Palestinian Children Killed
September 29, 2000 - Present

133 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians and 2,061 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000. (View Sources & More Information)
You seem to think that for the victims of Israeli (read Jew supremacist) aggression to fight back is a bad thing. I think it's something the world at large is coming to support.

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He would still be in prison if he were white. You've got to be a Jew in order to get the magic "get out of jail free card". Most recently, George Soros pumping $33 million into Ferguson to "aid" the protesters. He should be under indictment for fomenting a riot at the least. From 9 years ago, the AIPAC spy scandal refers to Lawrence Franklin's scandal of passing classified documents regarding United States policy towards Iran to Israel through American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The 2 top level AIPAC officials involved were charged but lawyered up and eventually had the charges dropped. Franklin, their goy patsy was convicted but plea bargained for a reduced sentence.

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ISIS. Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. Start by asking yourself if they're such a primo "terrorist" group then why have they absolutely ignored the "primo" terrorist target in the world? Israel that is. So far, they haven't' so much a broken wind in that direction. If you can answer, spare us the arrogant and ridiculous argument that "they're scared of the IDF". Hardly. The IDF doesn't do well unless its bombing innocents in Gaza that can't fight back. Criticize the Saudis on their treatment of Christians? Do a web search for "Jews spitting on Christians". I get back 168,000 hits. Maybe you're a troll? All that aside, I would vote for this guy above all others simply because of his stance on war. The US hasn't been involved in a justified war since 1812. All the rest could easily been avoided had the politicians and/or their string pullers wanted.

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Shades of George Washington's farewell address.. "beware of foreign entanglements". Truer now that it was back in 1796. "It was Washington's valedictory after 20 years of service to the new nation. It is a classic statement of republicanism, warning Americans of the political dangers they can and must avoid if they are to remain true to their values." Quote from the Wikipedia article on same.

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Unfortunately, most of the US Congress has to give lip service to it because they are either in debt to organized Jewry for campaign contributions, afraid of the anti-Semitic card being used against them in a smear campaign in the Jewsmedia or the ADL and/or AIPAC has a big file on them full of blackmail-able material.

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Yet another example of egregious Jewish hypocrisy.

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Maybe you would prefer them to focus on the Israeli slave trade, ecstasy industry, gun running, organ trafficking or the rampant epidemic of child abuse and pedophilia in the Orthodox community? Must have balanced reporting so I say go for it.