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How does Israel put you in "harm's way"? It is identifying as a Jew that puts you in harm's way.

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The right wing parties got 47 of 120 seats, same as last election. Not even 50%. Who are you including as right wing?

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I don't think a system susceptable to gerrymandering would be a good choice. Another solution would be to increase the election thresshold to a much higher level, so that only two or three parties will be able to poll enough votes to get elected.

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The bottom line is that both Bibi (according to this) and Tzipi Livni (according to an article a few months back) agreed to the American Conditions for a framework agreement with the Palestinians. it is the Palestinians who will not agree to ANY Jewish rights in Jerusalem, and will not agree to any curtailment of the "right of return". Israelis' who want a peace treaty with the Palestinians on their terms will have to vote for either Meretz or the Arab list.

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Benjamin Netanyahu represents all Jews just like Barack Obama represents all Americans. Sorry if you don't like it.

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I hope that Esther Lubliner and her fellow plaintiffs call it a day and don't appeal this further.

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Nowadays, an American professional athlete with an obviously Jewish name is almost always not Jewish.

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It is an almost impossible situation to be Orthodox and to not have a Rav, Rebbetzin or Mashpia to discuss your spiritual life with. My Rav knows all my mishegas. You can't walk the "derech eitz chaim" alone.

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Yes, absolutely

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Bibi obviously feels that President Obama is determined to make a deal with Iran that he feels is dangerous for Israel. Bibi know that the optics of this visit to address Congress are not good, but must feel that preventing an Iranian bomb is more important.