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Just watched caught the tail end of that, came here to watch the videos. He is definitely savvy, keeps giving them the rope to hang themselves with. Go Andrew, you are doing a materful job at this.

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I could not say this better........... "Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth" - Albert Einstein.

I think Albert was a wicked smaht guy (its hard being red in a blue state) ..... wake up America and stop being the lapdog of any politician.

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Unfreaking believable..... the unmitigted balls on these people still ceases to amaze me.

Let me see if I can get this straight as well.

BHO used to be a community organizer (who use to be a lawyer for ACORN) and wore it as a badge of honor during the campaign. He gets elected as to POTUS. Acorn was already under scrutiny for alleged voter fraud and then we had the damning prostitution expose's. (I am still waiting for more... come James and Hannah - please say you have more.) SEIU - who is Acorn in purple shirts , is caught on video beating American Citizens expressing their first Amendment rights.... SEIU CEO has an extraordinary amount of visits to the WH and they are pushing for "Health Care Reform" as it will swell their roles.... and we still do not have an investigation into how deep BHO's ties to these organizations go? Come on MSM, do your job. I am not saying there is anything criminal here... Come on MSM. stop being a bunch of "jo-whore-nalists."

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we must have been responding at the same time.... see my post.... I did not plagurize... HAHAHA

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Would love to see this debate....... Gore will get his ass handed to him...... Chris love Red Hot Lies.... 1/2 way through

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While I agree that we need to find a way to get these career a-holes (on both sides of the aisle) out of office, I am not convinced that term limits is the way to go... and here is why. Just imagine we had term limits today. The Blue Dogs are crapping themselves over Health Care "Reform." They know if they vote for it they could possibly get voted out. What would hapen if they were in their last term of the term limits.... they may be more inclined to vote for this POS bill without the fear of any further repurcussions. Just my thought.....

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I love the anecdote..... I will defeinitely get a lot of milage out of that

Thank you

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Does it get any clearer than this? ACORN is a PARTISAN organization !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Big Government. Keep up the great work.

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This is the exact reason I do not and will never call myself a Republican, or belong to any party. The only difference between Dems and Repubs is that they fight how they will spend how money. The conservatives need to rise up and take our Republic back, and this site is a great start. We need to shrink government..... and that means shrink how much governent confiscates from all of us on a weekly basis. And that also means a lot of people who have ponied up to the government trough may loose their jobs.

I always love when there is a wether emergency and they say all Non-Essential governement employees are to stay home. How many is that? And if they are Non-Essential, well why do we need them? Government exists not to take care of us, but to do the things we singularly CAN NOT do for ourselves. And that is a very small and limited list.

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I was thinking the same............ and that is the sort of lazy reasoning that creates a slippery slope from 50 votes to 50,000 votes and so on.