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I'll be praying for sure! Us drummers gotta stick together.

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Wow! What an awful way to start 2011! I'm glad everything is ok. One thing I resolved to do was to write down prayers people needed and this will definitely be part of that.

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1. Pumping gas. I'm from Jersey and it's one of maybe 2 states in the entire country where people cannot pump their own gas.

2. Ben Arment

3. Nobody can make themselves burp like I can.

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You're an amazing woman Tam. Thanks for your transparency.

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Ok, I'll try something else. I'll go with a musical question.

If there was one instrument you could play that would have you compared to the greats who play it, what would it be?

As much as I like rock music, I also like jazz. If I could, I would love to be able to play the saxophone.

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Name a movie in the last 10 years you can watch over and over.

For me it would be 'High Fidelity.' It never gets boring.

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Sweet. There is also Android 2.2 blowing iOS4 out of the water in JavaScript execution.

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You know, that's just mean.

But I like your style Shaun! Keep plugging brother. I love what you're doing.

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Remember too that Democrats consider tax cuts to be "spending." Remember, they think it's all of their money. Obama will talk about how the country cannot "afford" to keep in place all of the tax cuts Bush "gave away."

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I think there's so many churches simply because there are so many different styles of worship (and I don't just mean that in the musical sense). I know that our church lost many of the founding members largely because of our move towards more things contemporary. For instance, our Pastor started reading from the New King James Bible and also quotes The Message and other translations as opposed to reading only from the KJV. Also, we eliminated (this was nearly 5 years ago) the 'traditional' service and went 100% contemporary.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's just a preference. The only issue that I have with it is we don't want to see more and more "smaller churches" around simply for the sake of being "smaller." Growth is important to a church. On the flip side of that however is the desire for churches to grow simply for the sake of growing and being able to say, "We have 5000 weekly attend our church."