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Thanks for the suggestion Craig!

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Let me say first that I'm a huge fan of the Rolling Stones but I'd have to say that Keith Richards would be an exception to the rule.

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Everyone has their own methods that will work but the most important thing is to commit and try.

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Dealing with anxiety is a challenge for many people for good reason. One of the hardest things to do is take the first step but if you do you can start making changes in the way you perceive things.

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Earning trust can be challenging but it will go a long way in both your personal and business life.

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I felt it was important to share this info. I know many of you are already aware of how detrimental to your health many of these beverages are but to see the numbers is really eye opening. I can tell you from personal experience that its hard to kick this habit but it can be done! Start cutting back and eventually you won't even miss drinking these type of beverages.

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If you are looking to take on a weekend project and considering setting up a Man Cave (or Woman cave) don't forget about these essentials.

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Good tips and I feel the key is to keep yourself positive and always be learning from your experiences.

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Other than the financial aspect of debt the health and social implications are something we should all consider.

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Protecting our loved ones and personal property is obviously an important issue. If you aren't comfortable keeping a gun in the house these tips are helpful for adding some extra security and giving you a bit of peace of mind.