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It is weird for me to see someone mention Guelph. I did a semester exchange from New Zealand to Guelph so I am just going to have my happy dance as I remember how awesome is it was. Also everyone I met there had moved from all over Canada to go there. My roommate (who is moving to NZ in 5 days!!!!!) Grew up near London went to Halifax and then Guelph and her brother went to Queens. I had friends from way up north, from Quebec, Toronto, BC as well as all the awesome people on exchange from Europe and Australia.

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I have no idea how I missed this post but YES come to New Zealand! You will love it here!

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Vg vf Sevqnl sbe zr, naq V unir gb jnvg hagvy Ghrfqnl. Vg'f gur fnzr nzbhag bs gvzr ohg vg srryf yvxr fb zhpu ybatre!

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I'm late to the party I know but I had heard about any early access video site and couldn't remember it's name! My partner succeeded in finding this for me hurrah! - vessel.com.

I don't know the specifics about the back end and haven't signed up myself, but it may be worth looking into Mark? It wouldn't be that you were charging everyone to see the videos but us super fans would be getting to see the vids early and you get to make a bit more off them.


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Merry Christmas!! This post is the best preant to wake up to th a sunny Christmas morning! Thanks Mark!
Oh, and you. Have. No. Idea.
...but you no that already :)

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Christchurch, New Zealand here!

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Ohh Taybur. I miss that hunk of spunk. Just sayin'

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We are always here ready to listen.

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Rereading that i dont want anyone to think i am sympathetic to what the luarin have done. Just that i understand alys approach.

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Being a Kiwi and part Maori i think i come at the conversations about avoiding massacre slightly different from Americans. As a colonised country we did not have slavery but Maori have been systematically disadvantaged. If someone was to now talk about taking the country back i woudnt balk at the idea of telling someone up front to remember that not all whites are bad. I say when so much death is possible, no matter their race, screw politeness and the posssibility of hurting feelings. This is bigger than feelings and no matter how hard it is to hear sometimes you need to be told upfront.

Yes i understand inherited priviage but bringing one race up does not mean that another must be down trodden. I imagine it has been hard for luarin with a conscience to survive in the isles, the royalty would be quick to get rid of anyone breaking the mold that holds their power together. Especially when someone may look luarin but truly cherishes their raka heritage.