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P'tit gars, give it a rest.

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You're ruining Aaron's day, and he's worked so hard.

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Don't take my word for it folks. Take Globe and Mail columnist Norm Spector's word:

"The media may go on about it for a day or two. But even the most ethically creative journalists will have trouble sustaining much umbrage about the release of material they would gladly have had leaked."

You can all keep cackling to your heart's content. I think I'll move on. NIghty-night.

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Give it up Aaron, it's a non-story except for ever-hopeful Libloggers and other Liberals partisans. For Canadians it's one big yawn.

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There was more than one cause. But the Poles' courage inspired the world and gave a moral high ground to those who opposed communism. Seeing people being run over by tanks showed Soviet communism's true oppresive nature. It made communism less fashionable you might say. (It didn't stop Pierre Trudeau from defending martial law in Poland mind you.)

And you're right, there was more than one cause. The Polish Pope, Ronald Reagan's gutsy help to solidarity via the CIA, Reagan't arms build-up which helped bankrupt the U.S.S.R., the 1979 NATO decision to deploy 572 Pershing II missiles in Europe aimed at the U.S.S.R. and the east bloc countries etc.

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Budapest 1956 was the beginning of the end? I don't think so.

Prague 1968? I've heard of the Prague spring, but not summer, fall, winter.

Poland was the beginning of the end communism's grip on Europe and I don't know of any reputable commentators who say otherwise.

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I see Aaron, assorted Libblogers, and assorted LIberal commenters are all so disappointed by this turn of events. Better luck next time folks.

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It ended in 1989 in Moscow, but it started in September 1980 in the Gdansk Shipyard, in Poland, not Moscow.

The events in Poland precipitated and gave momentum to the fall of the entire Communist bloc.

The Yalta arrangement collapsed soon after the events in Poland.

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Tu ne serais pas "le p'tit gars" par hasard?

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Get a life "Le p'tit gars"