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No worries, Kathy Blog Engage is a Blog post submission site. Your submit your post and then they get voted up by members to the 1st page. The great thing about Blog Engage vs. other sites like this is the community around it. Blog Engage has a very active and supportive community lead by it's owner Brian.
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Switched to intense debate myself about a month ago so far I like it. I didn't like disqus back last summer I had some trouble with it but I think they have made many improvements to it as I do see many using it with success now. Also you have to love the option to tweet comments built right in to intensedebate. I like when thinks are streamlined.
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Yes I only hope I can teach my daughter how to write. I like to encourage it cause I was so poor at it as a kid still am figure if I can get her interested in it. It can't hurt. She actually still likes helping me with projects I give this one about 2 weeks before she quits so we will have to work hard and wrap it up. Have the book started outlined and just taken more pictures every time we cook so that is good.
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Yes I finally installed one right before I changed my theme. I had no issue what so ever with this one. Pretty much install right away filled in e-mail address and checked a few box. You go to love wordpress plug-ins that do what they say.

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Thanks John it was my pleasure, honestly I have learn a lot from your site and wanted to say thank you blogger style. Now when I want to do something new I look to your site for advice and I usually find it that says a lot if you ask me.

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Yes I have to figure out how to whitelist you! Plus I don't think I like intense debate might have to switch.

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Lofty goal but I can do it. I have about 6 things this year I am going to really focus on that being one of them. Traffic is key to all of them so I will doing everything possible this year to master traffic on the internet. I am studying everybody watching everyone that I find that has hit that mark to see and understand what they all have in common.

As for the Brian Tracy Affiliate Program other then some useful content on the blog and a bunch of hits not sales to the links no luck. However I said I would give it 4 weeks and see what happens. I will post a summary sometime next month. I haven't had much luck with any affiliate marketing that I have done other then a bunch of hits. Honestly I think it all relates to traffic eventually someone will buy if it goes to a good converting offer.

This blog doesn't currently have enough traffic to make any money via affiliate marketing. Let's hope that changes soon.

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Thanks Benjamin, you will! Kids like you are the best. Keep up the good work.

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James fun you say that, I was just drafting up a post about you for next week. I just came across your only this week via your guess post on John's blog. What your doing is amazing you seem to be a very motivated person and a great story. Your in my RSS now and you will see me commeting and visiting often.

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Hey thanks John, your right the plugin's must be working now. I had some issue initially tried a bunch of plugin's trying to get it to work. Time to get some banners on my blog now to advertise this.

Thanks for checking it for me.