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Not very surprised. The whole sky valley basin has been suffering since the de-facto ORV park was shut down in 2009. Gold Bar was at the base of Rieter, the place to get groceries, gas, etc. Take out 70,000 visits a year, and you're bound to loose your tax base. Also doesn't help some of those PDCs are related to the chaos that the environmentalists caused when raising a stink about the fixable issues at Rieter.

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The funniest part of this whole bit is the straight face. He should go work for the Onion ;-) I wanna see steve pool get away with something like that!

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Yup, a whole $6 is unaccounted for. All this media scrutiny and pushing, leading to thousands of wasted taxpayer dollars for nothing. Good job.

BTW, where is that article that shows why he didn't get charged? Interesting that hasn't been posted on komo yet.

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Of course its not okay for him to be shot!

The point is, the victim could have defused the situation and chose not to engage. Defensive driving teaches us to back off when approached by an aggressive driver, not agitate him/her more. I don't think anyone is arguing what the shooter did was okay, but the way this article gets written is that Deraitus was helpless. And what I think 'coasttocoast' is arguing that he could have made a different decision that would have left him with two functioning eyes.

In this country, we need evidence to convict people. The justice system worked as designed.

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I'm pretty sure the amount of wasted tax payer money to investigate this guy has dwarfed the supposed $1500 spent on a trip, a percentage that he spent on some woman.

Thanks to someone on a personal vendetta, and the media, everyone in snohomish county looses. If there were some actual mismangagement (sorry $1500 doesn't count), and a better person to go to.. I'd be for replacing him. But until then, any further work on this is just a waste of taxpayer money. And on the issues, I've heard hes actually not too bad at what he does.

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If you are able to upgrade, you can still retain unlimited data if you preorder a Galaxy S3 or buy a new phone before the 26th. I just did that today, which insures my unlimited data for another 2 years. At the end of that contract, I'll probably look at sprint.
- Verizon / Airtouch / USWest cell user since 1995.

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This story is a little biased. While I think the punishment is perfectly valid, I do take issue with people believing that shes a monster. Trash? maybe. An idiot? definitely. But if I was in her position (making a bad decision to date this guy, yadda yadda yadda, now he killed someone).. I'd probably do the same. I'd gladly pay 6months, heck 6 years in jail in order to save my own life. He had a gun, she was defenseless.

Its a sad story all around, my heart goes out to the officer's family and friends who lost a loved one, I also am thinking of this woman and hope that her life might improve now that this trash (the gunman) is removed from her life.

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I love driving in Germany. Not because I can go fast, but because people FOLLOW the rules of the road! I think the problem here is that disobeying the rules can be harder to argue in court, while speeding is math and empirical, so its easier to nab someone and make money.

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I think we take issue with the sensationalism over something that many believe isn't that big of a deal. I think most people can distinguish having a drink (not drunk) at the end of the -work- day vs being intoxicated while working on plans, building the bridge, patrolling the streets, teaching our kids.
The alcohol thing is grasping at straws. Go look at the article of the officer arrested for sexual misconduct with a woman. Look at the article of the morton teacher who got his job back because of a technicality. Look at KOMO suing the SPD to get them to release videos. These are good articles about holding people accountable. This drinking on the job. meh.

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+1 for making me laugh this morning. Now if the kids were drinking in the locker room, I wonder..... =P