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Just keep a look out for the "Welcome to Anus" sign.

(But seriously, she's from Angus and pranksters keep blacking out the "g.")

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It's possible that the Minister is no longer reading press clippings about herself.

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I doubt even manufacturers are pleased with this budget. The tariffs measure is a pretty small consolation for killing the accelerated capital cost allowance program.

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Glen Pearson makes a typically thoughtful contribution to this debate on his blog:


"Why did the Prime Minister suddenly get in his political punches at his opposition during what has been a quiet consent of support from those parties during a pivotal time? I couldn’t begin to guess, but I will venture that it was wrong and defied history..."

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Reading Mr. Coyne's post, I can't help but draw a parallel to the recent outing of Minister Baird on CBC radio by the P.C. candidate in Toronto Centre.
"But once the story has, by one means or another, entered the public domain, that puts a different colour on it. At that point, the media are not just declining to report on something: they are actively colluding in a fiction."

"All that we are accomplishing by suppressing discussion of Williams’s case is to suggest that there is something embarrassing or shameful about it. Far from erasing a stigma, we are reinforcing it."