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I agree with your thoughts on making Columbia more cyclist friendly, but we are running the commuter buses at or exceeding capacity, and that is with MARC easily accessible anywhere in eastern Howard County. I've seen people stand, and done it myself, the entire trip from Columbia to DC or back (notably in violation of DOT regulations). Something must be done to ease congestion on primary regional routes like I-95 and MD-32, but the MTA's stance has been that it is not their problem and within their rights to make it worse.

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I despise shoe cream. I use polish, exclusively Kiwi-brand.

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Municipalities are not dissolved through bankruptcy. In fact, if they were, I am not sure how that would affect anyone, except the employees. As a result, I do not see significant consequences beyond an increased interest rate in the future.

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It ought to be fairly cheap. I have heard of medium sized cities being covered for $10,000 plus monthly connection fees. The beauty of this system is that it can be rolled out in phases. Town Center, or a village center, could be done today and the system expanded over time.

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What a shame. I could use some more denominated paper.

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Well, I am not certain that's particularly new. You see this across the political spectrum and across the levels of federalism. Federal advisory committees are not particularly forthcoming with even basic information. None have significant web presences. The same is true of Maryland's various commissions. Howard County's are starting to open up, but that's because of more interactive voices taking the information public themselves.

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I am trying to put out one a week. Next week, "The Outlaw Bank" by Beaty and Gwynne.

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This is true. And in this, I would actually like to see both streaming and on-demand viewing. However, there isn't a mass-market streaming solution, yet.

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I am not familiar with the County's information technology infrastructure, but it is mostly irrelevant. If the County were to develop this service in house, it would probably acquire new dedicated equipment to logically separate services.

More likely, the County would work with an outside vendor to provide storage and delivery. If the County wanted to run the program on the cheap, it could simply use YouTube, which has the advantage of delivering a sufficient quality video feed to most users. The Montgomery County system does not work with Firefox or with most firewalls.

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Hey, this is the first post on the new website commenting system.