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In the future you might want to read the entire post before commenting ;)

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I knew that, I just worded that wrong :P

I probably should have said Andrew and I should hop on with you and Scott. Regardless, it needs to be done.

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Mike, you had a great run and garnered a lot of fans in the process - with good reason! You and I need to hop on the next Pictochat with Scott and Andrew!

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Scott, I think it's time for us to reveal our new site - Nintenhosers. It's a site and video podcast where Scott and I get drunk on Canadian beer and play Canadian-made games. We'll make lots of Canadian game puns too, eh!

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We all know The Wiire really died the day James left...


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It doesn't matter how old it is. Fact remains it exists as a current piece of their published philosophy and reflects a poor attitude.

This post isn't anti-GPL or anti-GNU. GPL is a great license and works extremely well for many projects and libraries. What I take issue with is the aggressive and condescending "us vs them" tone and the broad and incorrect generalizations.

It's great to promote the use of GPL for the continued benefit of free software, but the way they're doing it here comes across as childish and trolling.

This isn't so much a case of what they're saying, but rather the way they've chosen to say it.

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Flash and Silverlight plug-ins can protect video from being downloaded. Since HTML5 video offers no content protection, the only other option is to serve content via an app - just the way Apple wants it. There is no other option - it's either an app, or you don't serve your content on Apple's devices.

Apple invested in Webkit so they could produce their own browser for their own OS and their own mobile platform. The only reason Webkit is open source in the first place is because it's a fork of a previous open source project (KHTML).

Apple created canvas to enhance the layout abilities of iTunes - not to enhance the abilities of the web. Why do you think the iTunes store is only accessible via the iTunes software? Because they use so much proprietary markup that only works in embedded Apple-flavoured webkit.

Again, if Apple cared about the open web, their iTunes store pages - which are built on web technologies - would be freely browsable over the web instead of having to use a proprietary piece of software. Stores like Steam do this perfectly well.

Apple is only behind HTML5 when it serves their specific needs - in this case, it's in their public opinion campaign against Adobe.

By offering an open replacement for Flash and Silverlight, Apple gives up content control - something they're adamant about controlling as tightly as possible for as long as possible. Apple is the king of single vendor lock-in.

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I would love to ask him what he was thinking when he put a Pikmin clone on the Wii without pointer controls. Trying to play LKS with a single analog stick is maddening.

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I hope tumblr's servers don't crash and burn due to the massive flood of traffic this post will surely generate. Apple should pay me to use this post in their next commercial.

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Can we just get the trophy now? There's not really any point in us even wasting our time with this sad excuse for competition