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Is this a Florida thing? My last three surgeries, and the last two family members who had to have procedures all had family in pre-op and recovery, and this is all in the past two to thirty-six months.

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Nice going! I tried the hundred pushup challenge a few months ago, my wrist locks up around 70 and by 75 the rest of my arm can't work around it. I've been doing two sets of those every other day on my fists (still can't bend my hand all the way) since you started, you keep it up and I'll keep trying.

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scroogle.org and gnupg.org ftw!

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Good suggestions in the comments, I've been meaning to look in to Ruby, but am currently going through Javascript: The Good Parts, as Ross got me in to the Pre and I'm looking in to some app development.

On the leisure side I'm part way through the last bit of the Baroque Cycle, but I had to send my Sony Reader away for the EPUB update on the older model.

An astrophysicist friend of mine recommended Hyperspace, but I haven't carved out the time to check it out from the library and on to my Reader.

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Thanks for the support Jeffrey! You'll be happy to know my commitment to flying never faltered (though I had to take a few breaks here and there for medical and weather purposes) as I completed my Private training on May 6th, just in time for my son's second birthday. Your enthusiasm has me interested in recommitting to the blog, and I think I'll have to dig back in my logbook tonight and come up with something.

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I'm not iPhone savvy yet, and probably won't be until the offer a removable battery, or a non GSM network... is there a WinMo app available?

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I don't know if you follow my blog, but I finally got my Mini and have been really happy with getting an average of 38mpg on my commute (which you should be very familiar with). I also put up a little bit of similar fuel economy math a few weeks ago, and I'm now thinking that a 160hp Cessna may get a little better fuel economy than your suburban. I got almost 15mpg @ 8.5 GPH, and was up to Cheyenne in under an hour.


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Congratulations! Did it have some of that same sense of accomplishment as your first solo?

As a VStream and Mobius alum I've been meaning to pick your brain. I've slowed training a bit once I found out my wrist was broken from the same accident in 2003, thanks again for your advice on the crutches and PT. I'm hoping to ease back in to primary training starting tomorrow, now that I can use my fingers more. Who was your instrument instructor, or do you have a favored school over at BJC? With any luck I will have my Private certificate this year, and that's the next step in the learning curve.

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I remember Brad, but I didn't know he was a pilot. I think eventually I'll shoot for CFI, but in the mean time I've got to focus on the private if I'm to get anywhere. By the way, congrats on taking over the alertlogic blog.

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Thanks, Alan!