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For that kind of money, she should be blowing goats on TV and biting their dicks off.

Could be a killer on pay per view.

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Sit on my face, Eva Green!

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Real badass oligarchs would have just pissed off of the balconies on the protesters heads.

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Soon, Hussein will have Nation of Islam snipers taking out electric street lights and commanding Holder to indict the Edison family trust for the invention of incandescents. There is nothing so stalinist as hatred of innovation.

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Who will pull the jackboot of oppression and confiscatory taxation off of the throat of American Free enterprise? Who will terminate the marxist dystopia established by the stalinist dog Hussein?

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The bankers did their best to take care of them. And what's their thanks? Commie perfidy!

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Oh, I know. Cannibal anarchy is where this is all going. Everyone knows that.

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Marxist psychopath Hussein must be cackling in delight at this horror.

When will we stop him? When he is eating the children in our own kitchens?

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Hunt them down - and EAT THEM!

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Yes, and I have lived out of doors for a period of 7 months in the South Island of NZ. The diet was largely one kind of crappy catfish I could catch easily, pipis, a small beach-sand clam that boiled up nicely and oats in different preparations. The only luxury I had from beyond the bush was the rolled oats, so it wasn't really 'remote' but, yes, after a while you acclimate and I found after a couple of months I actually become much healthier. It was and is incredibly mild. If you dropped me on the Greenland ice cap, I dunno if I'd get the same results.