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Those are minor league stats.

Nope, I disagree. We have guys in the Minors that actually produce.

Main thing is, ...he is there and he is going to get "his".

Bobby is giving him some serious kudos by batting him 4th in the lineup considering he hasnt done jack squat since spring training. All I remember him doing is dropping two consecutive foul balls in the outfield that cost us the game. Are there bonus stipulations in his contract for dropped balls or lost games via a non "give a shit" approach??

I dont even want to think about him. I honestly think it would be in the Bravos best interest to wave the guy...(and yup, pay him because no one else will)....and let the young hungry guys in AAA play out some games for us and actually get a base hit and catch a ball or two.

-The Nooga! ..., TN

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Love the site guys....trying to subscribe to BravesBlast Insider though and for some reason it wont let me. I am logged in as jadarm so I dont know what the problem is.

I guess this is a softball for Jonathan!

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You are correct Colin...he does look good. I like what Larry312 and Jonathan are saying about the possibility of him playing 1b. I am not trying to be pessimistic but I am just not crazy about Kotchman at 1b.

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A 230 lb outfielder? Doesnt really bode well for long term consideration. I have heard great things about the kid though.

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I would love to get Don Sutton back. He offered some fantastic insight to the games that he called. I hope it works out.

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Andruw Jones is without question the best defensive outfielder I have ever seen in my lifetime...and I am 38 years old.

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Who takes the reins should he develop any injuries throughout the season?

Easy, ...Soriano.

I think the signing is a good move by Wren. I am also thinking that Frenchy might now wish that he had taken that contract that was offered to him around the same time that B-Mac signed with us. That arbitration could get ugly. It could either motivate him or hurt his self confidence even further.

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I agree with you on this Larry312. If Andruw came back to Atlanta I feel that he might regain his "comfort zone" being around Bobby Cox and Pendleton....just about the only thing he knows since coming to America. I think it would be good for Andruw AND for the other minor league prospects to have to go out and earn the 8th position in the field. It would make for good drama at the least and could possibly make every potential outfielder on the team just a little bit better. May the best player win.

I would not even consider signing him to a major league contract though until he actually earns the spot. Just like Jonathan said, if Boras talks him out of it then good luck elsewhere Andruw.

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I have been wondering about that myself. The top four slots are definately filled. Now, if Glavine is healthy and can pitch like he did for the first 80% of the season for the Mets in 07' then its a no brainer...and the Braves will indeed have one of the deepest rotations in the game.

It will probably come down to dollars and $ense. Tommy doesnt have much to bargain with at the moment...unless he wants to dangle an offer from a different team over Wrens head. In that case I think Wren will let him go. If, however, Tommy is willing to take an incentive based conctract (much like the one offered to Smoltz) then I think there is a good chance that he will remain in Atlanta.

I think its Tommy's call at this point.

I wouldnt even think about Sheets at this point. Our rotation is deep enough that he is not worth the risk. I would rather see that money go to a power outfield bat or a leadoff capable outfield bat.