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I hope Romney can beat Obama. if not the Liberty of the West will be wiped off the map by the tornado progressive, totalitarian left just as, sadly, West Liberty was wiped off the map of Kentucky by a tornado.

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Why apologize? A Sl*t is a Sl*t.

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Bill Maher is such a piece of trash. I agree with other posters, he needs to go away.

He came out after the Ohio shooting on Pierce Morgan yelling and screaming for gun control. He basically said that anyone who believes in the 2nd Amendment is an ignorant red neck.

He, like the rest of the progressive communist trash do not believe in the Constitution, they only believe in their utopia that they created while sitting pretty in their ivory tower of life.

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Agreed. Basically there is a war against White Males in this country. The only group that receives no special treatment whatsoever. All other groups get special treatment from the government and media. It is like the war on Christianity, everyone is free to insult and antogonize Christians with no worry of recourse.

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They need to be deported immediately. Why are we dealing with this?

Enforce the laws that are on the books!

If the authorities fail to enforce the law, perhaps it is time that we citizens do? I'm tired of paying taxes to support illegal aliens.

The third remains in custody because he has a criminal record? Why was he not deported when he committed his first crime?

What the hell is wrong with the left.

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There is no reason that we need illegal immigrants. I would assert that we need stricter policies on legal immigrants as well. Populations in our cities is pushing max capacity yet we still import people? Why should people be allowed to come here to go to school? I see zero need for any more immigrants period.

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Male bashing left wing bigots!. Interesting how it is ok to bash males but if any comment is made about a woman then society is in an uproar.

The PC left are out of control and destroying this country. The country needs to be taken back.

Ivy League has gone down the tubes, degree isn't worth the paper it is printed on.

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Lenin, Stalin, Hitler are more like it.

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Glad to see the youth of this nation holding on to conservative values. Keep fighting the good fight.

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There was a car accident this year and someone died, it is definitely time for strict Car Control!