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Ah, Jimmy"The traitor" who gave a way the Panama Canal for nothing. He got 30 pieces of silver and walked away smiling.

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It starts sounding out like Obama is a real sweetheart to Mexico. He's keeping the bad boys here in the USA. He Love s Mexico so much.
Forgive this but I am so angry at a President wqho should be protecting America instead of giving it away, bnut I guess Obama has his own fears too. We just don't know who.

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Difference in America and in England. The Orwellian tachtics of SanFrancisco needs to be confronted with the Constitutionality w=of what they did to stop those who peafully were Protesting.
This is not cute, but it unconstitutional.

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I would say that the Police Dept od Reton have beennhad and the nastier they get the "SurllySoldiers" harder on them

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My best guess question is the following: If a smaller Moon like planitoid hit Our Moon slowly, pushed up the mountauin and then flying away, Where did it go? Such things should have gone into some sort of orbit that would be of a Solar nature. or perhaps it could have dropped already into the Sun.though I doubt it.

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Ah, Fellas..... I hate breaking this to you, but the UN has no power what so ever....It is a Debating Society. UN is so dependant on the US .................................for every thing. This is an expense the US should drop like a Hot Rock Jockey.

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Marxist and Communists a few years into the "Way" never can get it when some one sees the truth and goes for what America used to have for itself. .......He would give his life if others could have what America USED TO HAVE..... Socialists never quite get it..... The Democrats saw the USAs precious Freedoms a thing woth nothing and have vited the Freedom away.
And now, The American Public will havre the opportunoity to cement America's fate by el;ecting Obama again.

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Wassa de muddar wit Balmy Obama. .... Do da Kat Done got him tongue.????
Lord, dat man done in such a hurry to finish him Marxist Agenda. and seal Tyranny into the American Landscape for a century. Even those Brave Reublicans have done lost dey Spirit. It must be the Murder threats and the Judges of the Democrat Party. Ruling the Constitutional Constitutional. In this land only the Liberals get any justice. More Tyranny on top of more tyranny. Thank uopi no help from Republicans.
America if we cannot get Justice then we shall get revenge. Huh!

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How BIZZARE, the Democrat Party has been raising he Stakes in the Millions of Dollars to the Billions of Dollars to get rid of Sarah Palin. ..... Why from the very beginning has she become a negative stuck in their collective throats."???? She's still standing. She
s an average person just like you and I are. There are the better connected from big importamt colleges, but none any more caring about America and no more some one who'll work our problems out and work to budghet the problems out of existance. Democrats and other Marxists do things which will kill America. She on the other hand will restore.