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pakatan harapan should also work with #bersih clean up EC/SPR reform voting system ensure pakatan when in power will not abuse the election also.. give back voter their power!
ensure we dint not throw away wolf, but bring in tiger

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by not voting u just made their cheating a lot easy, with large amount of voter come out to vote, they will have a hard time fill up the ghost voter or change swipe in/out ghost vote

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wait... now who is the comedian here... seriously are those MP fooling around in the parliament?!

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to be a trained & operational commandos.. unlikely they operate without a set of order.. and why no one question their motive?

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Freedom of speech & expression can never, and should never be absolute...
u should just remove "freedom" and said "limited speech & expression"

What I see is a hypocritical and self-righteous Western culture and media, ridiculing the Islamic world in the name of freedom of speech and expression.
before you label Charlie Hebdo "a hypocritical and self-righteous Western culture and media" just so you know they had poke on religion other than Islam... one may not agree to others ways to express their views.. but its in their right & freedom to express it...

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too bz searching for bible with "allah" word?

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Stand for something or fall for everything.....

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"If he would have come and seen us when the items were seized, we would have checked and cleared it and he could have taken it back with him to Sabah.

"But in this case, he went back to Sabah without referring to us."

The Malaysian Insider reported today that Masiau was detained and questioned for 40 minutes by the Customs officers before his books and CDs were seized last Saturday


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the BN-Gov & pro-Gov-NGO has utter racist & even threatening opposition MP & NGO no action was taken.. the only unrest & violence treat is promoted by the Gov & pro-Gov-NGO.. so it is safe to say sedition act is irrelevant to maintain harmony and peace..

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talk is cheep.. be transparent show us how the UNI do their selection...