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Coincidentally I was looking at houses in Albuquerque today and found this: http://cdn.resize.flexmls.com/abq/2048x1536/true/...

What is the deal with this? Is it some kind of meme?

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Agreed, it seems taken out of context. Lilly is one of the nicer people I've met in Boulder... very eager to get people running. So sorry to hear the news. RIP Jessica.

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It became really bad when the new lockers were put in at Timbers Lodge. IIRC they raised the price from $1 to $8 in one season. This greatly discourages people to ride the N bus, being that they don't have a vehicle to stow their gear. This only makes the parking situation worse. The latest tactic is that Eldora offers group meal coupons that have a "$16 value for $10" but in most cases it only buys $10 worth of food. In some cases it buys less than $10. It's unscrupulous at best.

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My solution for running on ice: Kahtoola Microspikes. They let you run on ice as though it were regular asphalt... it's a strange but very satisfying feeling being able to run on glare ice without slipping or falling. I'm not a paid sponsor, I just really like the product.

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Wikipedia runs the 6th most visited website in the world, and they don't run ads. Craigslist is another notable exception. Perhaps the DC could take donations like NPR does?

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Maybe Boulder County can claim federal disaster relief funds and do away with the PID/LID subdivision repaving discussion altogether?

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It is very neat to ride to work in the snow and see all the other bike tracks from similar-minded folks along the way. I've done a couple of winters of bike commuting here and the biggest challenge for me has been ice. Lately I've been thinking about getting some studded mountain bike tires to make the commute safer. Here's a useful guide that I found recently: http://www.peterwhitecycles.com/studdedtires.asp

There's also some general winter riding info at icebike.org. For staying warm, wool layers, breathable shells and insulated ski mittens are your friend. The mittens do make it harder to control brakes (and shifters stay unshifted), but they insulate better than gloves in really low temperatures. A good front light (like any of the NiteRider performance bike lights) is essential. Best of luck to anyone out there willing to give winter bicycle commuting a try.

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Agreed. I'm planning on getting some studded mountain bike tires this winter to help with it. I found a useful guide here: http://www.peterwhitecycles.com/studdedtires.asp

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Correction to my correction - looks like the DC updated the article with more accurate info.

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Small correction: It should read 61st and Valmont (63rd doesn't intersect with Valmont). Condolences to the friends and family.

I have seen many semis diverted to our smaller roads since the major road construction projects began around Boulder... I really wish all the construction would finish so that our roads can be safer.