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This is about $ 9 million more than President Bush..... Enough Said.

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I'm still pissed about Pelosi but the Media and the People have stopped talking about her. I guess she changed the subject to something else and everyone followed .....EVERYONE!!!!! I know there is so much going on these days and happening so quick. Americans have short memory spans or something or maybe it's we want everything now and we don't get it we forget. I don't know what it is, but we don't need to forget a liar. Yes I know they are probably all that way but when they're caught at it, that's it, they will always be LIARS.

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floridagal, I agree with you. Really they have been chipping away America well before the 70s or 60s and probably before the Civil war which took alot of States rights. Please dont get me wrong slavery is very wrong and should have been abolished in 1776, everyone should have been freed but States lost alot of power then.

NancyNurse and TJwasright are right about getting involved. Also PRAY PRAY PRAY ...for your Country,Leaders..good and bad alike.