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Concerns on this proposal:
1. We are not allowed to sue the government, even if they break the law. We are allowed to sue a private mortgager if they break the law
2. In reviewing the list of questions last night on change.gov, the leaning of most questioners was to return to a limited role of government, as originally defined in the constitution
3. Defaults will become a political issue, and we the people would then question the moral responsibility to foreclose or not to foreclose, and becomes a political baseball
4. Government becomes a debt collector for the average american for defaults, and would hold the bag for bad loans, overpriced mortgages, or another market plunge
5. Loans can be called for any reason, even if you are not in default. This should remain a private matter to be mediated our brought through the courts
6. Baby boomers are a huge part of the foreclosure crises. It does not seem logical to put 50-60 year old people in 30 year mortgages, regardless of interest rate.

I do not trust the government to become a real estate speculator with my taxdollars, nor am I willing to pay for a large government institution to ensure accountability, transparency, and honesty with everyone's nest eggs.

Personally, I know that fraud was perpetrated by our mortgage holder in creating our loan, and it is my ace in the hole in case anything bad happens, God forbid. I would not have the option to countersue the government and walk away from a bad or overpriced loan.

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Ok so I have 4 posts on the site, and my total score is 34 points. It would be great if I knew which posts earned those points on my dashboard. So, for example, my comments on X showed the votes up/down by others were shown.

ALSO, separate subject, when I click on the page from my dashboard, many times it says 'disallowed key characters' computer glitch?

anyways, thanks for everything you are doing. I know it takes lots of brain power, coffee, and conversation between fellow staff with the same dream. It is greatly appreciated.

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Maybe it would be logical to 'seek first to understand' the culture of the countries in which we are attempting to enforce our American copyright laws. These countries have their own movie industries, especially India, developing under the technologies available via the internet. They also have independent artists and media distribution outlets that are beginning to thrive.

Weren't we supposed to remove the undue influence of corporate power in our government and reduce our federal operating budget?

How much money do we want to spend to help the MPAA prop up an outdated business model?

How much investment and political capital will we spend in these countries on behalf of this industry?

How will our actions affect relations with this country? Will we have to sacrifice other important agenda items in lieu of this one?

We are attempting to use American money and political power to enforce market share in other countries on behalf of private companies. We are also affecting the online privacy of citizens of other countries. I am not interested in spending tax dollars on enforcing outdated American copyright laws in other countries, especially considering the urgent education & economic issues we have here.

Most importantly, the American movie industry must adapt in order to survive, just like any other business. They have failed to distribute and promote online movie releases, DVDs that are unable to be cracked/hacked, and a customer base that is happy and willing to pay them for their product. We are entering a new era of worldwide trade, and it would be more logical to work together with other countries to support effective new worldwide business models rather than support the outdated and heavy handed MPAA.

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I hope to see the research on the impact of television on children be released to the public, especially the impact of children ages 0-5 years old.

Many child care facilities use dvd movies and cable (with its commercials) as a tool in child care, and some as an electronic babysitter. It is important that we know the effects of television on youth, especially when considering brain development, emotional intelligence, socializing, and establishing cultural norms for children.

I know that this research has been done, and believe that much research was completed on the dime of our tax dollars. It would seem logical that we would see the results of the research. Then, those making the decisions may make a fully informed choice on the role of television in childcare facilities.

Thanks for listening.

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It would be nice if we were able to track conversations from our dashboard. Thanks!

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How do we include those that are not plugged into the internet? Many of our volunteers were recruited by phone and are not aware of the powerful potential of mybo and change.gov.

How do we include the poor, offline, and others?