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Thanks for the heads up, John! I put it in my queue, and just finished the first episode. This show's definitely got promise!

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Media Matters singlehandedly losing the reelection of Obama?

All I gotta say to that is.......GO MEDIA MATTERS, GO!

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Andrew, it's getting ugly out there. Our society is devolving into those who produce, and those who suck. And that's exactly the way the Kenyan wants it.

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Woody Allen gives this a big thumbs up.

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You just know he'll be called a racist for saying that sometimes it's darkest before everything goes pitch black.

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Only the Left in general, or MSNBC in particular, would give this buffoon a job. What a moronic blowhard.

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You can't polish a turd.

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"Others will say they're (defense cuts) too small".



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LOL. Thanks for the warning. I'll stay away from it. I was wondering why I'd never heard of it. Maybe I'll just read the Wikipedia synopsis.

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OK, I guess I'm the only one here so far who liked Apollo 18. I knew going in that it was nothing more than escapist fantasy, and I found it suspenseful at many points. Do I think it's a great film? Of course not. But I'll take it over 95% of the crap Hollywood's put out in recent years.

I do agree with CashPipe----Adam Sandler SUCKS!