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My only problem with the Strowman situation is there was 2 things. The thinking that the shield wanted to correct a injustice because he dishonored his vow from Summerslam. Strowman unlike most heels who cash in did tell Balor he was cashing in after the match which is what he did so even if Balor won guess what same result. He didn't even surprise attack his music played and he walked down the ramp. Because had Brock not subdued him guess what Strowman then Roman still has a back to back match. So where is the injustice? It's not like Braun ever picked a date. If anything the only uncharacteristic thing Braun did was not cash in on Roman as soon as the show started when he came out. I know this was not he shield MO cause Roman in his promo gave no hint at how Braun cashed in was the root of the problem he didn't speak about how Braun dishonored the cash in and Rollins on social media made it seem more like they were more worried about protecting what they fill is theirs vs Braun was not a man of his word narrative that is starting to enter more fandom then canon wwe.

My 2nd biggest issue is WWE actually breaking their own character lore which often confuses fans. Braun heel turn on Roman was a uncharacteristic heel turn. Even if Braun wanted revenge on Roman why would he end Raw standing tall with heels. The fact Braun is didn't attack both Drew and Ziggler makes no sense if he is blurring the lines. WWE has booked Braun every close to his character up until that point. Remember he won the tag team titles from the bar in a handicap match, eliminated 5 ppl in a EC, and won what wwe billed as the greatest royal rumble. So why didn't Braun either A let the heels beat down Roman then the Ambrose then Rollins then Drew and Dolph or B he tags in the hot tag wins the rest of the match solo then slams Roman. Bringing out Ambrose to get slammed then Rollins. Because if wwe did either A or B and kept to Braun character who has no reason to side with drew and Dolph not cause they are heels but because he doesn't work well with others. That's been the story told from Balor and Bobby time with Braun the only ppl it would make sense for Braun to get help taking out the shield is the Wyatts. But even then story reason would make that make no sense either. Wwe narrative is Roman is the hero period we can paint Braun as a anti hero but this isn't a Becky situation were she was in need of a character shift. Braun already had the edge from a heel run and crowd support what's going on now is Braun is going to be the 1st of Roman victims. And if rumors are true it makes sense why he didn't attack Drew who wwe is really trying to protect from looking too weak if he is up next for Roman.

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Out of all the feuds heading into HIAC AJ vs Joe makes the most sense to be in cell over any feud with Orton vs Hardy and Becky vs Flair being 2nd and 3rd. Yet the first one announced is The universal title probably just so Roman can get the main event slot. Hell even Rollins vs Ziggler is a clear 4th and makes more story sense to keep drew and Ambrose out.

Also WWE are Becky more over trying to turn her heel if anything she is gonna end up being the Austin of the women's division because they took her from beloved babyface to badass tweener

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The Shield triple threat would be Raws best reasonable match that could main event over Rousa vs Flair. The Shield are the main characters of The New Era, this Era that WWE wants to tell is about the Shields run over the new Era. These 3 guys have won multiple championships in the company and are considered the top guys they have. The Shield Triple Threat at Mania 35 is the climax for the story being told in the New Era, now that the part timers are cleaner the field. Brock is gone and now that power gap drawing Shield to craft a storyline that takes us to a amazing triple threat match at mania then I dont see why not. The Universal title thanks to a absent champion and part timer has yet to really have a match that defines the title.

The Shield triple threat for the WWE championship was crippled when they last tried to sell that story and I am sure Ambrose, Roman and Rollins would love a chance to give us at the least the best Universal title match. Rhonda vs Flair is also the apex of WWE's story of the evolution of Womens Wrestling. Once Asuka went to Smackdown I wanted to see her vs Becky lynch in a Submission Match for the Smackdown Womens Championship. Angle vs Chris type match came to mind and if Rhonda vs Flair is your Austin vs Rock at WM17 for the women then Becky vs Asuka is your Angle vs Chris at that same event. Its the perfect counter part to the more Sports entertainment wrestling story of Rhonda vs Charoltte. You give them ample time with your WWE championship match of Bryan vs Miz. Styles vs Orton fits perfectly on the card and follows suit with alot of Ortons non title Mania matches especially if Cena is not apart of Mania. AJ's character is becoming more fragile with each rivalry. AJ was at his peak during his heel run as a character and while I dont think he should turn heel he does still show flashes of the Styles that beat up his Commissioner. So seeing a face AJ pushed back to at least that point by a heel Orton who if he is in engaged and I have no doubt a match with Styles at Mania would not engage Randy they could put together another great addition to Mania.

Styles vs Bryan would be my only backup to Miz vs Bryan for the WWE title. If WWE wants to extend AJ's title run if for whatever reason they dont want to give it to the Miz who is at his peak now and a world title run is something I know he would takeoff with. Styles vs Bryan would be Smackdown best effort to contend for MOTN opposite a Shield triple threat. If the Shield are Raw main characters SD main characters are Styles, Bryan and even the Miz. But Styles and Bryan been with SD since the split and are the faces of SD.

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Also expect Flair to carry the title to Survivor Series if the rumors of the Horsemen 4 on 4 is true I'm sure Summerslam was a set up for Ronda to walk in with the Red title leading her team and Flair with the blue doing the same. And the fanbase isn't really raging against the machine it's against entitlement.

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It's very ironic because the same thing happen with Bryan. The WWE had no plans for the Yes movement no story arc planned for it. It grew organically starting for Bryan secs lost at Mania. Now on the women's side we have the same thing going for Becky lynch who was not only the top female babyface but one of the most consistent and top faces of the company.

Charoltte despite WWE perspective isn't even the top 3 female baby faces she maybe 5 at best and honestly she isn't that. From a fan reaction standpoint you have 1.Becky
2.Ronda (Becky is higher for organically being over for years)
3.Sasha (fanbase wants her heel but does get a consistent pop)
You can even argue Ember Moon and Naomi for being bigger babyfaces then Charlotte.

Not saying Charlotte is a bad babyface or a failing babyface but booking wise she is the female Roman and if WWE isn't learning from his arc I don't see them learning from this one.

Becky has remained the most over female babyface. She cuts the best babyface promos out of the women( watch her talking smack or promos opposite Alexa Bliss who I think Becky can give he a run for her money on the Mic if let loose). Crowd chants Becky name more then any female superstar since the brand split besides Ronda. And she is top 5 if not top 3 female wrestlers they have.

What's even sadder is Becky from Summerslam has a chance to connect with the crowd in a edgy way like stone cold. Everything they want in Ronda they already have in Lynch. Especially since the title of this story arc as to way fans cheer Becky and boo Flair is ENTITLEMENT! We live in a era were being handed chances opposite a person we have went on this rollercoaster ride with will get you booed. Being thrown in championship matches will get you booed. It was never a good look for Cena or a good look for Roman and even a worse look for Flair who has done so much in a short span of time while other deserving women are sidelined. That is why no matter how they spin it Becky can be a tweener but she will never be the heel in this story and Charlotte is no we're near the face

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QOTD: Joe and Styles similar to Bryan vs Miz is the perfect Summerslam rivalry. And i am not just talking about from the WWE version of the rivalry but for the two wrestlers themselves I feel like the expectation and the history between these two men shine a spotlight of pressure much greater then Styles-Nakamura. Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles is the two stars from TNA. And when I say two stars I mean these guys are the Austin and Rock from TNA. If you ask the average wrestling fan to name 5 all time greats from TNA's history Styles and Joe are on that list a good 95% of the time. These two are no stranger to telling a story together match wise and while they are not in their athletic primes like in TNA especially Joe. I think the chemistry between two stars we represent stars who grew in a company that was considered the #1 alternative to WWE largely thanks to the body of work put in by these two across the company, your talking about a kind of pressure that actively effects the pride of these two. Styles and Joe understand the weight of this match, Joe coming to NXT was considered a big move and a move I think even more so then Balor played a larger part in Styles jump to WWE. Joe coming to NXT and the response showed the landmark he made in pro wrestling as a TNA wrestler, Styles even bigger debut was a continuation of that door Joe had opened.

From ROH to TNA to WWE, if WWE could get their hands on the library of ROH and TNA i could only imagine the video package that could be created for these guys. The masterful job of saving their first encounter in WWE for Summerslam adds another layer to it. I am of the stance that either this match will be either be a disappointment or it will be a Summerslam classic that debuts a historic wrestling rivalry. If they are given the time and I think they will be they can weave together a match that restores some of the luster the WWE title has lost. I hope that they put on a match that makes us say this is why the WWE title should have been the main event.

As for the winner I am going with Joe. As big of a fan I am of Styles I think Joe should get a run with the title. Not anything long I think I would see how Joe does as a transitional champion only to lose it back to AJ in a ppv or 2. If Jinder can carry the title on SD I think Joe with his fantastic heel work would give the title a good shot in the arm which Styles can win it back. Especially if Bryan resigns I think if Miz vs Bryan isnt revisted Bryan vs Styles would be the next best thing and a great way to bring it back around to their match on the 1st SD after Mania.

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Ambrose looks jacked! And ready for a heel run.

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Perfect Ambrose gets a pop that only Roman and Vince can dream of all before his eventual turn on Rollins making it all the sweeter

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AOP going to cause a dq then it'll be a fatal four way next week cause WWE.

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This is the match that shouldve been the triple threat not the SD womens title