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I've seen these Mormon commercials for a while now that I've thought could work great for atheists. They have some normal person in some normal job talking about their normal life...then at the end they say "and I'm a Mormon" I think it could be a good start to letting people know we are everywhere...and we don't eat babies.

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That's a good point. However I do think adults have more of a responsibility to consider the rights of others opinions before reacting in an unnecessarily emotional manner. I see t-shirts,bumper stickers, etc all the time that I find at least mildly offensive and don't cry about it. I respect their right to express themselves even if I don't like it.

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I have to agree with you vjack. Unless I am missing something, this is someone overreacting. If it were me...I would've walked up to the lady wearing the shirt & said "nice shirt" with a smile & that would be it. Maybe I'm a bit intolerant of overly sensitive nonsense, but if someone was crying because I wore that shirt I think I would wear it repeatedly also...if only to convey the message that I wasn't going to let go of my message because someone didn't like it.

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Perhaps I'm stuck in the dark ages...but I don't have enough time to listen (and actually pay attention) to podcasts. It's all I can do to read as much of the world & local news as possible and still actually interact with my family...apparently I need more time in my day...

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I think the only reason Islam is more dangerous (at this moment) than Christianity is because there are governments ruled by Islamic law. If the Christian extremists in the US have their way, we will be ruled by Christian law. If we don't do something to educate the children of these people, then not only could we be facing the end of religious freedom but the criminal charges that come with disobeying the law. I would be serving a life sentence for blasphemy alone...not to mention the long list of other non-Christian charges that would follow.

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Whenever I have a moment where I think it would be beneficial to all to ban all religion, I remember that the real persecution the early Christians experienced is what they refer to when confronted about specific examples of persecution. So I then realize that to ban something is to make it's supporters/believers stronger in their beliefs and to just focus on educating the vulnerable (children) is our best bet to eliminating religion. I think they (the religious) have this same thought pattern, as they do everything they can to recruit children to their churches.

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The teabaggers have taken over the republican party. It is the teabaggers in congress who would rather accomplish nothing than allow Obama to succeed at anything, I don't see how anyone other that a teabagger could support that stance.

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I agree with you gregm. I am not able to completely seperate my support for anything someone does (be it blog or song) if I detest them as a person.

Not that I know any bloggers personally, but character always matters to me.

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I have had several experiences over the years that point to many (of course not all) christians not being able to comprehend what it means to NOT have any religious beliefs at all. It is easier for them to accept someone of ANY faith but not NO faith. These people are the ones who like to insist that atheism is itself a religion. An arguement I have to say I'm quite tired of having. Perhaps it is a fear that admitting we exist could lead them (or their children) down a godless path of no return.

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I don't remember ever seeing a pro-mormon commercial ever...until 4 or 5 months ago. Now I see them frequently. We need to do the same thing. Help people to realize that atheists are normal people all around them and not demons hiding in the closet. If it can be successful enough to make people vote for a mormon, why not an atheist???