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Quote, "We have a vibrant and working democratic process" End quote. Who is "WE" ??? One thing's for absolutely certain. You can't be talking of the U.S. which has not had a working democracy since the Revolutionary war with the Brits. L.O.L. You suffer from the ALLUSION of belief you have a democracy, when the FACTS are entirely the opposite.

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Sorry Woopy99, you've got that WRONG. Kurds have been living in Syria for hundreds of years, In fact once upon a time they even had their own country, thanks the low life Brits, that was carved up and doled out between the surrounding nations with the Sykes-Picot redrawing of their borders without any consultation whatever of anyone involved. Thus drawing the lines for these constant wars. Part of the original Kurdistan was gobbled up by the Turks, and that's why you have the Kurd terrorists trying to get their territory back, which the Turks refuse to give back. That's the cause of the enmity between them. Of course the fact that Turkey would love to get their hands on the oil that's beneath the soil of Syria has also a large part to play.
IMHO, the Turks have well and truly burnt their bridges by betraying Syria and hob knobbing with the Americans, thus stabbing the Syrians in the back, despite KNOWING how fickle the Americans are, and likely to turn on them at any moment. This has now come about. Funny that they should say they're gonna make friends with Putin, L.O.L. what exactly do they expect from him ? Putin answers to the Syrian Government, not the Kurds. Nor are the Kurds a Government or a nation. By making such a statement they display they have not learnt a thing, and IMHO, deserve everything that's coming at them. That is of course, provided we are given the FACTS, in this article.

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You cannot turn back the clock unfortunately. However, the Kurds were living in harmony with the Syrians for many years, sharing the rich resources without any major issues. It's only since the ILLEGAL invasion ans war against IRAQ and then Syria, that the KURDS have been hoodwinked into believeing that somehow their allegience to the criminals would be rewarded with carving up of the land and giving them their own autonomy. It's too bad they refused to give creditability to the double crossing, time and time again of their ALLEGED FRIENDS, which has now on many occassions, cost them dearly. Clearly, it would appear they are incapable of learning from lessons of the past. Just imagine, if they has sided with the Syrians in fighting the Western backed terrorists, rather than siding with them, they'd be most welcome within the Syrian Govt and empathy would be extended towards them from that source. I personally have no sympathy for them, they betrayed Syria, put their money on the wrong horse, so to speak, and now reap the results of that stupidity.

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Consessions ?????? Like Hell. The time for those is way past. No one with half a brain today, would ever again accept or believe anything coming from the mouths of Americans. They have destroyed whatever little creditability they ever had. Therefore, making DEMANDS of other nations, no longer cuts the ice. IF the U.S. would like to get along with other nations, they need to eat humble pie, and initiate ACTIONS. Something visible, verifiable, trustworthy, demonstratable, that can establish a base line for rebuilding that Trust. The first move would be to REMOVE ALL ILLEGAL SANCTIONS AGAINST IRAN. When that happens, the World MIGHT proceed further in a like manner. Otherwise, forget it.

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I laugh whenever I read stuff like this , "China is the world’s greatest financial bubble". Of course the U.S. and Western economy is nothing of the sort, right ? Solid as houses, right ?? That's why we're staring another depression in the face. It's not the collapse of the Chinese economy that will take down the rest of the World, however the collapse of the U,S. dollar most assuredly will. Funny thing though, with the exception of the Western World, the res tof the World can't wait to see the collapse of the dollar. Nor can I despite the hardships it will unleash.

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After the first two weeks of this rioting in H.K. I began asking the question ; How can these people afford to riot week after week, what do they live on, there are bills to be paid, food to be bought ect, from where do these people obtain the funds to pay for all that when they spend all their time rioting ?

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America has been SLAYING people from day one. IMHO that does not make them a "great country", it does however make them something else, but "great" is definately not in the same sentence.

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Our Western Governments plan on a nuclear war, causing Nuclear winter, ensuring the majority of the World population dies off.
What's the difference between that, and a die off via climate change ?? Yet I have not seen any protests for anyone 16 years old or not, about nuclear war. Why not ?

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On the contrary. Over population is very much REAL. I live in Australia, and I can tell you, we are at our limits of population right now. Yet our Government has plans to triple or even quadruple those numbers. Our nation is finding it harder and harder to find adequate water for the current population and even harder to keep our agricultural industries producing food, due to climate change. So it's interesting to see, from where our Government plans to obtain sufficient water and arable land to feed and water them. An off side, much of our agricultural land is now even Foreign owned, thus it's produce is shipped over seas and denied to Australians themselves. Tell me again, it's not a population issue, ensure you have adequate answers for all the above first.

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Quote, "Aided, one presumes by £millions$ of dollars spread around at the UN votefest?" Unquote.
You are aware of course, that there was NO U.N. at the time you mention.