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Mark, as there are 40 plus books, might I suggest the following link which illustrates a reading order you could take.

However, do not go anywhere else on as it is the personal wikia site for discworld.

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These two parts were some of the best work in the series. The return of the Old Masters, both the current living ones and the previous Master Avatars is a wonderful surprise. I can only hope that those of the GAang who survive, I make no comment on if any of them actually do, will end up as awesome as the old masters in this episode in Korra's reign.

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This is truly a great episode. I feel this episode and the previous three have been needed for the betterment of the show. While the overall story is moving slow, but it is great character development for the main group. Even if Toph hasn't been a main focus this season we still get bits of her development, like the continuing of her feelings for Sokka. While moving the plot to face down Ozia is an important piece of the story, we cannot forget the characters in that story and see their own development and growth from young people into true warriors and heroes. That is also a key part to this story.

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Why do you wish for Iroh's death? I cannot understand why you wish him to die.

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I truly love this episode. We see Jet's story end in such an unexpected way. I would never had guessed a tv show would give such a possible death. But then I am reminded of something. The reason this show is so amazing is it is a true fairy tale in every sense of the word. We see humans with weaknesses make their choices in life and must deal with the real consequences of their actions.

I also believe Iroh channels the soul of The Doctor for his tranquil fury. It is a fool's run when one makes either man angry and never assume they are without power when captured. What's even better is consider how both men got into a heavily defended fortress so easily.

Oh and Mark, I do not know if this is on the DVD extras, but this is a short made by Nickelodeon and there are no spoilers in this

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I loved this episode. No question. It is one of the most beautiful pieces of art ever. I was inspired when I saw this episode to make a video [lost the original] to this song - In the video, I honored Mako by using images of Iroh and others.

I deeply implore people to listen to this song, as it is one of the best songs I know of.

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This is one of the scariest episodes, hands down. The story took a very harsh turn down some very serious material and as you said in a tv show targeted at kids.

Of course one element that helps this message is the great Clancy Brown voicing Long Feng. There can be only one ruler of Ba Sing Se and he is it.

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This was a powerful episode no question. I don't think it would be half as good if we didn't have Sokka doped up and acting as the plucky comic relief.

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This episode was one of the biggest cliffhangers, no question.

I truly hate the sandbenders for stealing Appa. When they were around Appa earlier, I was reminded of Jawwas.

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I am unsure if there is a need for a distinction for 'she's crazy' because it is not like Azula is a phantom character who we only hear of and do not see. We have seen her methods of drafting her friend Ty Lee, and I use that term loosely, and what type of sister she was in her younger days. While some children may initially equate all types of crazy, insanity and similar illnesses with evil if they are taught wisdom and the differences explained to them by their parents or other authority figure, it is not needed in the story itself.

I did love the comparisons between the elements as it showed the origins of the character traits each bending type has in common. Every earthbender is straightforward, direct and rarely cares for sugar-coating information. Every waterbender can give and take with enough force applied. Every firebender is about overpowering one's obstacle until it breask, and the airbenders are about free-thinking and being open-minded.

That said, we have seen each elderly Master take some quirk on the normal aspects, as Pakku requires more force than a normal bender to change his views, Bumi thinks in non-Euclidean straightness, and Iroh seems to lack the anger that drives other firebenders,